April 15th, 2008

Removing wax (from shortish baby dreads)

I know that there is already a question on removing wax in the memories, but I did a good old search around and couldn't find what I was looking for. Basically, I have a lot of knotty boy in parts of my hair, and would like to get rid of it!

Firstly, I understand that "Dawn" dish soap is good for getting rid of wax. I live in England and we don't have that brand here. Will any brand of dish soap/washing up liquid remove wax, or is there something special ingrediant in Dawn? Is Dawn like the leading american brand, in the same way that ours is fairy liquid? I have regular old Tesco own brand washing up liquid in my kitchen, I will most likely use that if you guys think it will work, otherwise I'll go out and buy something else.

Secondly, I only have wax on about a third of my hair (and then I have a third that is dreaded and wax free, and a third that is not dreaded yet.) Will washing my hair with whatever dish soap I end up using do any damage to my dreads that are not waxy?

Lastly, I have read a lot about "deep cleaning" on here. Does this get rid of wax? If so, it is suitable for baby dreads? Which is preferable for getting rid of wax, deep cleaning or dish soap? (or something else?)

Sorry, lots of questions there! Any and all help appreciated :-) I will post photos of the no doubt extremely fluffy result as a thanks!

I Likes To Rock.

Here's me, being a "frontman" on Sunday night:

I still have plenty of weight to lose, but this was probably the first show in about 10 years that I played without wearing a button-down shirt over my t-shirt. So I count this as a plus. Still, I think I need to lose more weight--like about 20 punds more, and I'll feel a bit better.

Here's me with the lads:

Not a particularly dready shot, but... aren't we dashing?

no faith!

there is this silly man that i work with who's recently noticed my roots getting messy (i stopped maintaining them last summer with the intention to "freeform"/just let them dread up naturally)...or maybe he's noticed them for a while & finally decided to say something. i dunno.

so dude thinks my hair is "too soft" to dread up without any maintenance & meanwhile it's just gonna start looking "wild". i laughed at him as he laughed at me, it was good times :D but also getting old since he's bugged me again about it today. i have nappy african hair that isn't extremely kinky but kinky nonetheless. i tried to open his mind to the fact that folks with straight hair are able to dread naturally too, but he could not fathom! i don't know what to tell him anymore so he'll just have to wait & see & pay up my half of the stupid bet.
yes, the naysayer actually put down $$$.

rhetorical question:
why do clueless people insist they have the knowledge?
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'Fake' dreads.

Do any of you have 'fake' dreads? In other words, synthetic dreads you braided into your real hair? I ordered some awhile ago and am still waiting for them but I'm just curious as to who else has them.
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