April 16th, 2008

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hello, friends!
ive a got a little bit of a question for you.
im leaving on a family vacation to Hawaii in 5 days and im wondering if my 1 month old dreads will withstand surfing, snorkeling, swimming, etc for a week straight?
is there anything i can/should do to minimize the beating?

also: how many of you dreadheads out there do NOT have a full head of dreads?
i originally left my bangs brushable and by some gnarly twist of fate, about 1/3 of the back of my head is undreaded. i always wear my my dreads down and my brushable hair in a ponytail. at some point, im probably going to redread the back of my hair, but for now, im really digging it the way it is.

yessss.... pictures.
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thanks, guys. see you around!
dub lion

drowning the dreadlocks

hey dreadies
i havent posted much lately coz i've been busy with my move back to belgium
but everything is slowly coming to an end... i'll be leaving australia start of next month
ah its good being able to move from summer to summer
here's a couple of underwater pics from a few weeks ago...

edit: added pic of the sunset on that day

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Rant-ish and 2 questions.

Today I was talking to my friend about my future dreads and how I'm kinda nervous about what the people I will be working with will say, considering my dreads will be all of 4 days old when I start work, at least I'm planning on them being 4 days old. Anyways, I am intending to try and enlist help from fellow GUDU-er(s?) in the Orlando area, hint hint ;], and do them myself. She thinks they'll look like crap and that I get them done by a pro. The prices that I've come across are high, like $300. I don't have $300, and I'm a lot more confident in GUDU-ers than someone at some salon. She says she knows a lot of people with dreads [more like sees a fair amount of people, but is to shy to talk to them, much less about their dreads] and "knows that dreads will look like crap if they aren't done right." Yea I got pretty frustrated with her at that point, and had trouble explaining to her that all dreads don't look amazing until they lock up without biting her head off.

Question 1: Is there anyway I can make her understand that every set of new dreads goes through that awkward, frizzy, crazy, loopy stage, and that the only way dreads are really done wrong is if product is used in the backcombing process?

Question 2: Are there any GUDU-ers in the Orlando area that would be willing to help me dread my hair on like the first Thursday of June, specifically, June 5? I am more than willing to come to you, and work out some kinda deal.