April 17th, 2008


was that necessary?

I'm not sure what to do about this and was hoping I can get some feedback from folks here.
Someone left a not-so-nice comment on my facebook picture from when I just got my dreads done: "White people with dreads= people who need their asses kicked. They don't work for yall, give it up!"

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Then he commented on a picture pre-dreads saying how much better I look: "You look 20x better like this."

So my initial reaction was to just hit the delete button on the mean comment and pretend it was never put there. But now I'm wondering if this is something worth sending the person that felt so strongly about why I shouldn't have dreads a message. I can't really grasp why he felt compelled to tell me what he thought when a. no one asked and b. it's a general comment that he's directing at me..  I can't seem to understand why people want to spread their negative thoughts and energy like that, what do they get out of it? I don't really know how to feel about this because I did put the picture on a group on facebook that is public for anyone to join but am baffled by that person's motivation to say that.. ::scratches head:: ?

on a lighter note
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equality tattoo? and short update

Helloooooo everyone out there in Dreadyland! I come bearing questions and a couple of pictures, since I am hella bad at updating!

Someone posted here a while back with an equals sign tattoo and I LOVED their placement. I have been planning to get an equals sign tattoo since...10th grade? I'm a senior in college now. I've held out because I didn't want to have to deal with the drama of having a visible tattoo to my parents, but since I wanted it on my arm, I've put it off. I'm over the whole parents thing now, and I feel like graduating from college is as good a time as any to get it. SO.

Whoever has the equals sign tattoo- can I see a picture of your placement? If anyone else has a similarly simple tattoo on your arm, I'd love to see your placement as well. I'm being super picky(as one should be) and making sure it's exactly where I want it to be, so I'd like some reference photos. Thanks!

Also, I totally have some pictures! They are crappy photobooth ones, but they're better than nothing! I'm also not wearing glasses in these, which is a rare occassion. On to the pictures!

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I needed change.

Sad news, GUDU. I combed out my dreads. They were 5 months old.
I loved them. I just needed a change. I can never stick to one thing, and I never seem to be happy with what I have or where I'm at for too long.
So I am dreadless ... almost. There are around 10 in the back/under layers of my hair that I still haven't combed out. Maybe I'll keep those in. I don't know.

I'll probably go back to a full head of dreads again one day. They're still one of the most beautiful things on earth to me.

[Pictures coming soon, if anyone is interested.]

Have a beautiful day, all. It sure is gorgeous here in Grand Rapids. 74 degrees and so much sun <3
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new baby dread!!!

i made the post i was going to ages ago, but i finally got around to it about an hour ago. im pretty psyched, and im looking forward to a whole head, but its going to take some working-on with my parental units for that to happen. ive rolled it and made it tighter since the pics, and i could take more but im too lazy :p

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