April 18th, 2008

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so it's both mine and my dreads birthday. :)
i'm oficially 19 and my dreads are 1 month!!
i dyed them too, two days ago. =]
they were a little auburn/light brown before two days ago
and now they're more redish still a few i left not dyed.
they're really bright when you look at them in the sun.
i love it!
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bay area heads?

hey all. so i've been wanting dreads for about five years now. it's shortish, about shoulder lenght, but thick.

anyway, my hubby gave me the ok to go ahead and get them done. i went as far as to book an appointment with this great guy i found on craigslist but he's charging me $180 for the 2-3 hours it'll take to do the job. the thing is, we're so broke, we've got a baby and i only work part-time. sadly, i'm cancelling the appointment

so i was wondering... would anyone be so kind as to do my hair for free...? if not, my dream dreads will have to wait. i live in the bay area if any of you wonderful people are in my area.

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Anyone live in/near Chesterfield, MI? Here's the deal...I started my dreads 2 weeks ago and I'm just really unhappy with the sectioning. I want more dreads. That, and my hair just does not want to stay knotted. It could be that I didn't backcomb well enough, it could be that my fine hair just doesn't want to knot without a fight. My boy, try as he might, isn't the best backcomber, and he did the back. They're almost completely back to normal hair and we've already redone them once.

I'd like to fix this up without having to comb out my hair, if possible. So I'm looking for someone who's available to help me out for free at my apartment some evening when we're both available. Must know what you're doing! If you see my hair and tell me it isn't backcombed well enough, I'll start over. I'd just like an experienced opinion before I do anything. Thanks!