April 19th, 2008

a little help

ive been very patient with my dreads and have put alot of work into them and nothing seems to help me with my roots. they wont dread. i've tied sewing them, palm rolling them, rubbing my fingers in a clockwise motion on my scalp (which helped alittle), but nothing is making a big difference. expecially the ones ontop up front. could anybody give me some advice or something new to do with them?


So I started back combing some dreads in earlier and, according to my boyfriend, they didn't look very dread-like. Also, I can't reach the back of my head to dread that part. Is there a way it will just dread by itself?
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remember me?

And it is begun again:



This is the second set of dreads i've started short. this length, although much, much more challenging, also has its sweet rewards.

happy growing

EEk Dilemma....

Hi All.
I was wondering if anyone had used the 'deep cleaning' recipe in the memories on their dreads to get rid of wax residue?

My dreads are 2 years old, and for the first...4-6 months I used wax, probably once  month. At the time, I was totally under the impression that I should (until I found this journal that is).

Recently, my dreads ahave changed a lot. They're more rounded, and tubular, and it means all the lumps and bumps have started sucking in. Yay for maturing! Boo for waxyness :( Some of the old wax is still in there in allit's funky badness and its started to come out. I don't know how to get rid of it. It's impossible to pick out and well, taking ym dreads out is NOT a possibility. If they come out, I probably won't put them back in. They took soooo long to not up, (9 months) that I wouldn't want to do that.

I wondered what the possibility of that deep cleansing + lots of boiling water (obviously not directly on my head, that would hurt) would be in terms of getting rid?
I feel I should also mention my dreads are pretty much rock solid, so they take a good soaking.

My only other possibility is chopping the bottom 4 inches off, cause that's where the Wax is.... :(

Timeline should be coming within the nxt 4-5 weeks. Sorry it takes so long, I have Uni work due in and it's hecticccc

TIA xx


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spring spring springgggg.
i love it.
its like 85 or something today. yay:)
right now im doing that deep cleaning thingy to my hair so its nice and fresh for the outside worlddddd :)
so i figure while i sit here with my head in a bag and my fishsticks in the oven, id post some "outside dreads" pictures

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so i started a set of dreads on my friend robs  (the outdoor heather photo taker) head. theres actually pictures of him from the same day, building dams and unbuilding them in the stream. but im a lazy stoner and my fish sticks are burning so im not uploading them right now.

enjoy your weekend dreadheads <3
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stick stickly

A small plea for help :)

Not a regular post for in here...
But are there any dread heads in Brooklyn here?
Further more would you let a fellow dread head sleep on your couch for a night?

I've gotten this awesome chance to go to the UN next weekend and do some awesome stuff- but no place to stay in the city. If anyone would be interested in helping me out it would be so awesome. I've got no money to offer, but I'm sure you would get an awesome dose of KARMA! It would only be Saturday night and I would be forever grateful!
More details if you are interested. :)

Thank you so much!