April 20th, 2008


I've had 2 sets of dreads in the past-I loved my second set, my first set not so much.
I gotten rid of the second set due to wanting to change and I felt like I grew out of them. Now recently my boyfriend of 3 years told me the other day that he hated them-he went into detail about he wasn't attracted to me when I had them and so on. Ever since we had that conversation I started thinking about getting another set done-this time for longer than 1 year. I'm just afraid that my boyfriend will totally go ballistic on me. I know that I should let him tell me how to wear my hair but sometimes I feel like I should honor his opinion. What should I do...
Also is there anybody near Syracuse, NY who would be willing to help me start my dreadies if I decide to go forth on this??

THanks in advanced!
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Intro and Timeline

Hi everyone! This seems like such a wonderful community--I feel incredibly lucky to have found it just a week after I started my dreads. I've been reading voraciously through the memories and devouring all the pics of everyone's gorgeous locks.

I'm a creative writing grad student and I live in Vancouver, BC. My husband started my dreads on my fine, thin, tangle- and breakage-prone hair 6 weeks ago today with the help of a couple of friends. It took them 12 hours and I think they did a fantastic job, especially for people with no previous dready experience. We used the Knotty boy instructional video and their wax, because we didn't know better at the time. I've since done my best to get the wax out.

I'd actually typed up a long. eloquent entry about how my dreads have really helped my self-esteem, sense of internal/external integrity. and body image, but LJ ate it. I'm actually working on an essay about those things and why I think I was drawn to dreads, so maybe when it's finished I'll post it here.

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i just had to take out all my extensions because i found a few eggs and lice in the back of my hair.
i'm going to try using Delacet tomorrow along with dying my dreads (i wanted to go blonder anyways).
i was thinking of taking the extensions out.... i've missed my cute shorties.
wish me luck!

01.51am 21/4/08 [edit] : someone reassure me?
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the other day i was shouted at by a drunk (i think) black guy. he said "fuckin' white boy thinks he's a nigger!' by way of response i raised one eyebrow at him and carried on my merry way.

and i rounded most of my ends off, i like it better this way.
and i got some new earrings. they are ace.
and i went to the theatre last night to see an adaptation of Terry Pratchetts Mort. it was really good.

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"Fake" Dreads

I kind of have a mostly shaved head right now, but I'm really getting tired of styling the mohawk every day.  I had heard the term "Fake Dreads" at some point, and I was wondering about those.  Pretty much everything about them, in fact.  How they would be made, what of, installation, recommended length, cost, removal, care, and pretty much everything about them.  I'm clueless here.  A problem I foresee with everything hair related: it's naturally curly.  Very.  Like, corkscrews Shirley Temple curls that are really not as fun as one would imagine.  Also, in about a month I will be going to Costa Rica with my Spanish class and as such, be able to look good enough for a teenager to not be insecure, but be low maintenance enough to...be low maintenance.  At this point I'm pretty much ou of options short of *gasp!* GROWING my hair out.  I have bangs and a mohawk that I can straighten every day and other than that, it's buzzed to an inch.

Just wondering.

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I took my dreads out.
Sad I know.
But the reason I took them out was because they were too short.
And I didn't like the way they looked.
Sooooo, once my hair gets long enough I'm going to dread them, probablly professionally...make it easier on everyone.

Bon Voyage
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hey can anyone give me the name of some shampoos i can use. i know what to look for but every time i ask nobody understands what im asking for so can i just get a name of a brand.



Wheee for new tattoo!

I don't have any dread pictures right now, they haven't changed at all since the last time I've posted. they're getting denser, but they pretty much look the same. I'm actually finding alot of tiny loose hairs that have turned themselves into tiny baby dreads, its kind of cute. BUT they are starting to grow! a tiny amount, but enough to be noticeable and to allow me to put them up in a bun! yay!

SO. Heres my new tank girl tattoo:

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rock on!