April 21st, 2008

Root Touch Up - Color

here’s the question… i usually have my hair touched up (roots) every 5 weeks or so. when i go in the next time, my stylist is gonna freak… a good freak though. she knows i’ve been intending to do my hair for awhile… she just didnt know when!

so… are there any specific instructions i should give her? like, dont use conditioner after you rinse out the dye? she has never worked with dreads so any hints, tips, how to’s, etc would be appreciated greatly….... and yes, ive checked the mems..... but couldnt find anything addressing 'touch ups'....

help appreciated
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My first dready photoshoot!

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There are a lot more, but I just picked a few that showed off my hair haha.
It's the first photoshoot I've done since September, and aahhhh it was so much fun, I had been going through camera withdrawal ^_^



Only just over 2 months old, but they['re looking so good to me and everyone is commenting on them so I thought I'd share. And because I have no shame, a photo of my two newest skirts I sewed by hand. Hope everyone is doing good! *hugs!*

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pondering, and a question.

i've been contemplating the dreadhawk for a while now. i love the fauxhawk, don't get me wrong, but it's not the real thing. so i spend a lot of my daydreaming time thinking about having a dreadhawk.

my concern is this- i don't have many dreads. the ones i do have, that are in the general area of where my dreadhawk would be, are pretty spaced out. i hate the idea of shaving off half my dreads only to have a weak, limp dreadhawk. i've kind of gotten accustomed to what my faux-hawk looks like and i began wondering that if the faux-hawk uses ALL my dreads to look like that, what would a real dreadhawk look like with only HALF my dreads?

originally, i figured i would save the shaved dreads and attach them to the remaining dreads as extensions. but now i'm wondering if there would be any way to use them to make my theoretical dreadhawk 'fuller'? i've only come up with one idea and it doesn't seem like a good or long-lasting solution.

so, my question: how could i possibly use/attach shorn dreads to my head so my non-existant dreadhawk looks rockin'? or is this just an aimless pursuit? i am definitely open to the idea that it might not be feasible, and i'll just have to accept what i have.
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Family photo

Recently my daughter's teacher asked for a family photo to put into a collage for the class.  Since we haven't taken any photos in a long ass time, yesterday was as good a time as any.  After we took the photos, I realized that it was 420.  Some time after 4:20pm, I decided our family photo needed some editing, GLAMOR SHOTS STYLE!  Sorry if you can't really see the dreads because of the massive editing that I did (I'm not that good at photoshop).  I also decided to leave the loose hairs in the final edit, just to keep things realistic.

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