April 22nd, 2008

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Hello Fellow Dreadies!

I'm trying for the third time to start me a set of dreads...the first set was twist and rip and it just didn't work out like I had hoped. Me hair prefers the natural way. So I started going natural after combing out the first set at about 5 months. Then I lost my job...and had to comb out at 2 months natural (what a mess me hair was in!) in hopes of finding another job. It now looks as though I have gotten a work from home job (YAY!) and am starting natural again! I'm at about a week and it's already dreading up (ofcourse after 2 previous efforts I'm not surprised!). I am determined to get this set to full awesomeness! Ok my reason for posting was this...I have a nice woolen tam that I harts vereh much. I was wondering if you experienced dreadies have noticed if a tam works better for knotty-ness than just hanging loose and what type of results (i.e. messy or neat ect ect...you catch my drift) tam wearing yields. I would love any info or advice!

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 here's a bit of a silly question.

has anyone ever tried straightening (with a hair iron) newly formed dreads? my hair is naturally curly, and while curly dreads look great on some people, i'm not really one of them.  of course, i wouldn't expect to be ironing them forever, just until they've taken a shape of their own.


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 Hi everyone! 
Just a little update, my friend ashley said she wanted to do my dreads for me, so we are going to tackle it sometime in the next week or so. 
I was looking online at dread products and I was wondering if everyone could give me some input. 
The products I'm looking at are DreadHeadHQ's stuff  http://www.dreadheadhq.com/cat--Dread-Head-Dreading-Products--MAIN7.html
and DreadFX http://www.dreadfx.com/dreadfx_buysome.php

Does anyone know anything about thier products or can suggest a better one. Also, does anyone have tips for me and my friend to make our dreading process as 'easy' as possible?

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Hi, I'm a loser

I was out with some friends at a local bar for this charity fundraiser for kids in Africa. I noticed there were a lot of dreadheads in the bar. We were counting and there were six. Mind you, that doesn't seem like a lot, but there were only 50 people there or so and where I live is this fairly conservative town. Even if it is a college town. I've never seen six dreadheads on campus, let alone in one room.
So my friend Ryan shows up (he has dreads) and I say "Hey, there are six people with dreads here!" and he just says, "So." I felt like such a loser/idiot/poser for saying that. But it was kind of strange.
I dunno. Maybe it's because I've only had them for like two months and he's had them for three years and I come from a shitsplat town of two hundred where people openly stare at me.
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