April 23rd, 2008


Just one.

Hello everyone.  I've been lurking for a month or so.  I don't have dreads, but I want one.  (I'm not ready to dive into a whole headful just yet.)

I was wondering if anyone else here has only one or maybe just a few dreads.  I'd love to see photos and hear the pros/cons.  

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One month, ten days

My dreads turned one month old ten days ago, but I was kind of ashamed of showing off the progress because something rather awful has happened to them. I started working at Sonic Drive In as a carhop, and have to wear a hat all day long, in a greasy environment. I wouldn't really normally think all the grease by the fryers would affect them as I was hired as a carhop, but wouldn't you know it that they kept me inside on switchboard, grill and drinks for the first two weeks there. I really think it's mostly the damn cap's fault, so I've finally whined enough that my boss ordered me a visor instead so they aren't so restricted all the time. Basically, the ones that are still together don't seem to be getting that much tighter and more than just a few are coming undone. The minute I'm off the clock the cap comes off and when I get home they get a salt water spray and palmrolled. I'm hoping going to a visor will help, and I've already formed a plan of rescue. I'm going to leave them alone except for what I've been doing (salt water/palmroll) until they're two and a half months old. Then I'll take a crochet needle to the ones that are locked, and redo the ones that have come out. I don't think all hope is lost, because the first day I spent at Sonic, with the loose ends of my dreads poked through the back of the cap, two of my coworkers both asked, while staring at the loose ends, "Is your hair....dreaded?" (well, one of them said knotted.)

Normally, I'm pretty OCD about things, and I thought that I would freak out if my dreads didn't start forming as prettily as people I've seen on here, but strangely enough, I'm pretty calm. I do talk to my hair a lot (please tell me I'm not the only one), cooing at it while I palmroll and rip apart Joe and Eustace (two big guys I have on the back of my head who like to eat everyone else. Luckily I usually catch them really early in the act when they've only got a few strands of fellow dreads in their hairy mouths. I am, however, fully encouraging them to munch on/assimilate the loose hairs around them.)I've only had one dream so far of kidnapping Lish and dragging her to Oklahoma for her to fix this mess I've made on my head (even though I love my messs) while I ply her with my n00bish cake decorating projects:


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One week....


About a week old now! I washed them yesterday, as my friend advised me, with washing up liquid....did the trick! I've also gone to bed looking like a numpty with tights on my head....

PS: Ignore the mess in the background, I've been sorting through the spare room today..!

almost 4 months....

hey everyone.
well the new bike was finished this week, although i don't have a whole lot of pictures of it yet.

anyway, next week is my 4 months so i'll have an official 4 month update with pictures of recent life...
also im highly considering dyeing a few dreads in the back.. but i don't know yet.
i don't think it's too early for it anyway.
i was gonna take a few individual dreads and colour them brown somehow.
im not an experienced-hair-dyer.
goodnight everyone.
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(no subject)

hi, i was wondering if there is anybody in the north new jersey area (or somewhere close), willing to help me start my dreads. my friend put a few in my hair a couple weeks ago and they came out horribly and basically came completely out when i first washed them so i refuse to let her do the rest of my head haha. thank you:)