April 24th, 2008

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Handmade Trade

So I'm doing this project I'm calling Handmade Trade. I'm looking for people who are willing to trade something handmade for something of mine. I make one of a kind hemp necklaces and bracelets. I'm very open. It can be something as simple as a drawing to something as cool as some sort of clothing item you made or knitted etc. My goal is to get at least one thing from each state. But more then one from a state is fine. I look forward to sending out some awesome jewelry. If you are interested in trade e-mail me your mailing address and I'll reply with mine. I live in Alaska BTW so I love collecting things from elsewhere. My e-mail address is theatresheep@hotmail.com

So this isn't ALL off topic, I spend 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital because I kinda had a break down, but it did wonders for my dreads! I was aloud to not shower but rather wash with wash cloths. When I did want a shower they found me water proof hair caps. I think sleeping and not having any tools to messy around with them made them tighten up a wee bit more. I also was able to make some sweet wraps during arts and crafts time. :D

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Baby Shampoo???

So I just got done checking through the memories. I'm wondering about baby shampoo. I just got some johnson's vanilla oatmeal baby wash for my baby. It smells so good I want to start using it. It doesn't say residue free or whatever. Does anyone maybe know some ingredients to watch out for? Also has anyone tried it?
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Aghhh. I love my dreads. I mean, really. They're coming along great and I've got lots of fun things in them

But there's one thing that just drives me insane.
I CAN NOT get a job
Seriously. I've filled out over 40 applications by now and I've gotten 2 interviews.
I know that there are a lot of factors involved, but honestly for a girl with some alright references and a few years of experience in various fields I'm not having any luck what so ever.

I went in to apply at a TCBY that my friend had JUST gotten an application at yesterday, and they told me they weren't hiring.

I really can't see any other reason as to why I can't even get some crummy minimum-wage job.

There's hope though. I applied at a sandwich shop that had a dready working in the back. It made me smile.
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I haven't posted in a while. I've been uber busy with LIFE and a job has come out of no where and is trying to eat me alive with other job offers, and my bro. band is back together (that's him with the red guitar right in front of me) so they have me doing T-shirt art again and, and, and, and, AND! I'm BUSY!

But anyway, someone caught me at a show recently and it shows what my dreads are up to sorta. My hair is getting bigger it seems.... yay! Shortly after this shot, a huge mosh broke out and I had to run and hide behind the amps (can't risk getting moshed in my condition you know (^_~) Then I got asked to about 30 dif. acid parties. All these kids are under 17, and this is just 2wks after a kid high on I forget how many hits decided he was GOD, left this particular club and threw himself through plate glass windows at a guitar store down the street (yes he was hamburger after) and proceeded to play like the Who and smash as many guitars as possible before the cops tazed, maced, and beat him into stopping. There was blood EVERYWHERE! My bro works there as a teacher and showed me the aftermath. Ugh, horror movie....