April 26th, 2008


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To celebrate my dreads turning 20 months this week, I added some extensions. A friend of my roommate cut his off a few months back, so I nabbed a few of 'em and finally got around to doing something with them. Nothing's fallen out yet, so so far so good!

Pictures are kind of big...
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Drying dreads.

I looked in the memories but see anything about drying dreads. I know you can use a blow dryer but I don't own one and I assume a towel is a no-no so if they get wet should I just them dry on their own? Sorry if I sound stupid, this is my first time having them.
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mona marx

ah new!


i just got my "hair did"! here are some pics! about 24 hours old.

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i hope all of you and your knowledge can gimme advice on if they seem well-started or not, and help! even after reading all the memories, i just feel completely dumb. :-D

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 Hey guys. Just checked through the memories for a tam pattern to knit or crochet...the ones listed either weren't really what I was looking for, or the pictures don't work anymore so I'm...not sure if they're what I'm looking for. I just want something simple and big and slouchy. Again, knit or crochet, doesn't matter to me...anyone have any suggestions?