April 26th, 2008


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To celebrate my dreads turning 20 months this week, I added some extensions. A friend of my roommate cut his off a few months back, so I nabbed a few of 'em and finally got around to doing something with them. Nothing's fallen out yet, so so far so good!

Pictures are kind of big...
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Drying dreads.

I looked in the memories but see anything about drying dreads. I know you can use a blow dryer but I don't own one and I assume a towel is a no-no so if they get wet should I just them dry on their own? Sorry if I sound stupid, this is my first time having them.
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Two new headwraps

So I was looking for some new dreadwraps to hold my head noodles back and last week when I posted, lish suggested a shirt sleeve. Well, I chopped up this XL tee shirt I caught from a cannon at a car race in the Upper Peninsula. Yoopers...haha. The pics of it are from rock climbing in Grand Ledge, MI (west of Lansing) this thursday.
I'm also in Ann Arbor this weekend and I found this cool scarf at Forever 21. So...here are some pics.

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mona marx

ah new!


i just got my "hair did"! here are some pics! about 24 hours old.

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i hope all of you and your knowledge can gimme advice on if they seem well-started or not, and help! even after reading all the memories, i just feel completely dumb. :-D

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 Hey guys. Just checked through the memories for a tam pattern to knit or crochet...the ones listed either weren't really what I was looking for, or the pictures don't work anymore so I'm...not sure if they're what I'm looking for. I just want something simple and big and slouchy. Again, knit or crochet, doesn't matter to me...anyone have any suggestions?