April 27th, 2008

5 day old dreads

Hello, it's my first time posting here, but I've been lurking for about a year. I am 25 years old and I have a 4 year old daughter. I do all kinds of stuff with my hair, but usually it's synthetic dreads or mohawks. But I've wanted real dreads for a long time.

I put my dreads in on April 22nd. I did a backcomb/rip&twist combo (no wax). I'm 1/4th Japanese and I have bone straight asian hair. I don't think I backcombed them as tight as they should be so I hope they don't just fall out when I wash them for the first time. I only used to wash my hair twice a week before so it hasn't been a problem for me not washing for almost a week.

It took me about 6 hours to put them in and I did it by myself. I think I have about 65 dreads. I keep getting differen't numbers when I count -.- I had to take some breaks since my arms were about to fall off. I have no clue what the back of my head looks like and I can't get a good pic of it and my hand-held mirror is missing, but it feels ok o.O

I've been palmrolling them every day, I should probably just leave them alone. At least they're starting to lay down, they just stuck straight up when I first did them. Also, how much palmrolling is too much? And is clockwise rubbing once in awhile alright? I've read that it can lead to your dreads breaking off. I read the memories, but I really didn't get a sense of if it was ok or not.

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coheed lyrics

Her name is Lucy

so now that im not embarrassed...heres my story
i'm new..and I've wanted dreads for about 2 years..I've been growing my hair out..and its really long..past the middle of my back...not quite to the smalls above my ass...but..anyways...i just got a job that DOESN'T ALLOW DREADS:( :( that made me sad...so i went along and started a little baby dread anyways...and plan on doing other baby dreads underneath....its my first dread...so i was just wondering how i was doing..or maybe it just doesn't even look like one at all so if it doesn't tips would rock!
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s'up yo!


Okay, so I got dreads on Friday.
I was just wondering how long I should wait until I wash them for the first time.
I'm used to washing my hair everyday, so right now, I feel pretty gross cause I can feel the oils in my hair build up, and it's starting to itch.

What would happen if I just lightly scrubbed my scalp with residue-free shampoo/soap tonight?
Please let me know!
My head thanks you in advance.
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multiple updates

prinzessin came down recently for her first round of maintenance, nearly a year after i started her dreads. her page on my site has been updated with some pretty impressive before & afters.

as many of you have pointed out in past posts, her boyfriend looks very much like my boyfriend. so i was pretty stoked when she said ranna would be joining her on her trip. we got the boys together, & i took about a thousand pics. the most similar ones are Collapse )

& finally, my dreads hit six months on april 29th. Collapse )


cameo bunny


I hit a month on April 29th and I've noticed in the front, towards the top of one dread there's a small loop starting at the root. I dunno if this is normal or not, so reassure me? (small) loops in the first month normal?

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 So here's something that's got me puzzled.

I've been trying to start a few dreads in the front of my hair...and it's knotting up fairly well, only the knots just fall out of my head. Literally, there's a knot of hair sitting on my desk right now. I didn't even do a particularly decent job of backcombing...I didn't over work them or anything. Any clue what I've done wrong?

How much money are we worth on planet Earth, totally?

Hi everybody!

My name's Cavale.

I live in Orlando.

I was led to this amazing dread resource by one of my very best friends, butirfli 

My boyfriend had dreads for a few months about two and a half years ago. We used the DreadHeadHQ kit, until finally they drove him absolutely nuts and he cut off all of his long beautiful hair and looked like a douche bag for a year while it grew back.

I've been planning to get dreadies of my since he had his, but thanks to a few rash decisions and terrible gaffes regarding my hair, it never worked out.

But we visited the Rainbow Gathering in February, and it completely inspired us. Sam started bathing even less then ever before, leading to dreads for him regardless of his wishes about it. But he's started working on them and they look very nice and he loves them this time around. His head is about half backcombed and half natural and I'm really interested in how it will come out. The backcombed ones are really nice, knotty and healthy so far.

As for me, I finally took the plunge after taking a shower and then tripping too hard to comb my hair out. It was a tangled mess by the next morning and I just took that as a sign. My hair is fairly straight, so I'm mostly backcombing, but I think I might do a couple natural dreads if they feel like that's what they want to do.

I've basically just been slowly grabbing chunks of hair that seem like they love each other and backcombing them, working from front to back. It's been 18 days and have a little over half my head done. Right now I can only do as many as I can get other people to section off for me, because I can't see the back of my head.

Anyway, I was wondering: is there any way to stop the itching? Also, is there anything I can do about my roots? On a lot of my dreads it will feel all nice and tight until I get up to the top where it just feels like hair. Is it too early to crotchet?

EDIT: I forgot to ask. I got so annoyed by my roots that I put rubberbands on almost all of them. Is that bad?
Also, what do I do about little tendrils of hair that I missed when backcombing? And one about all those little baby hairs near my hairline? They won't fit into a dread. My boyfriend thinks they're cute but they annoy me.

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Okay. So. Advice? Opinions? Insults? Compliments? Secrets? Lies?

Go for it. Please.
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It's been a while since I had any new pictures to post because as I think I mentioned before, I let a friend borrow my camera and he broke it. I'm sending it off for repairs soon, but until then I am photo-less. This is not a happy thing for me.
Anyhow, my friend Jony moved back to Spain on Friday, so Thursday night we had grand adventures and took lots of pictures.

My dreads hit six months on April 20th, by the way. I feel like it's definitely time to do some maintenance but I suck with crochet hooks.

This was the first of many "goodbyes" over the course of the day.

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first post

So I just found this community while looking for dread advise, and I figured I would post up my questions here.
My dreads are about 3 weeks old.
I used stuff from DreadHeadHQ to do them...it took forever because I have a ton of hair.
But anyway, my question is this: I've got sections of not-dreadedness within a couple of my dreads. About 1/2 - 1 inch long sections within the dread. Is this normal-ish? Is there a way I should fix it, or should I just let them mature?
Well...I think that's it for now, but I'll probably be back with more questions at a later date.

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dear LIVE Journal
i just got this account
and i dont really know what i'm doing but
i do have to run to dread forums
no shirts are needed when one has dreads
thanks knotted hair!