April 28th, 2008

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It's been a while..

Wow so hey guys! It's been a while eh? haha! I apologize for disappearing, I've missed you all greatly and I JUST caught up with all the posts, everyone looks amazing and well!!  I just moved into a new house with my boyfriend of 2-3+ years (it's hard to tell, because for a great time we we seeing each other, but we didnt want to put a title to it...) anyway the house is amazing (we didn't have internet for a week so I was outside most of the time!), and the water here is awesome, it's spring water and it makes my dreads feel gooooooood!  So I thought I would post some pictures I've taken over the past few weeks to show you how silly things have been =D HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!!!

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A gift from Goss :)

Dready models?

Okay, so I was watching TV and a commercial came on for some kind of model over 30 reality show. You know the type.
But it got me thinking about the "alternative" style models. I know there are a lot of models out there with that...edgy(?) look, with piercings and tattoos etc.
But I was wondering, has anyone ever seen a dreadlocked model?

I tried to google image search for one but couldn't find any.

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Dear dreadies,
    A few weeks ago I started the dreading process with 2 dreads but I think I started washing them to early so they began to fall apart. I've looked through the memories on shampooing but I never found an answer to how soon after dreading you can wash. If anyone can answer it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and here is my new baby dread

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A timeline...

I was going to do a timeline at 1 year. It didn't happen. So I thought I'd do one at a year and a half. Again, didn't get round to it. But I feel like doing one today. My dreadies were born on 1st September 2006, and started off at the grand total of 77 before I joined a few together within the first couple of months, ending up with 69. Without further ado...

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Tada! Like I said, they're up and down all the time. Still lots of straggly ends, still lots of loops (which I think are here to stay, now), and still lots of loose fluffy hair that I'm struggling to keep up with. But I think it's been the longest lesson in patience I've ever had, and I can't really complain about that. :-)
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Dreads on Holiday

I visited a friend in England. We traveled around and I took a lot of pictures.

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I had a bazillion times of fun, and I couldn't believe how frizzy my hair went, I loved it. It didn't even rain once. Proposed new theme: Dreads on Holiday?
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i had to draw dreads in my art class today.. i was like peeing myself too and all the dam students had a stick up their ass about the assignment for the day. i've loved drawing dreads since iw as little, so i was smiling quite large on the inside today ^_^

and i scaned my dreads today. i saw that another did it recently on GUDU. i was like "hey why didnt i think of that! so i did muhhahhaha
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'skinny' new growth?

I looked through the memories and didn't see what I was looking for. I bet it's in there and I missed it. :( My dl's are 6.5mo and I think they have grown but I can't tell? I should throw a stitch marker in there or something since I don't dye my hair. My roots didn't use to be all...skinny I now have an inch or more of dreaded hair toward the root that is skinnier than the rest of my dreads and while it's dreaded there's a lot of straight hair in the center. I can feel it...all straight and perfect inside and matted on the outside. My roots are also getting bumpy and loopy in a way that makes me think...they might actually be GROWING!

Will they fatten up on their own or is this just the way my hair is going to come in? On the plus side it seems to knot up fairly well at the roots by itself. Sorry no pics, I'm getting ready for a trip I don't have time.