April 29th, 2008

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after hearing so much about that dr. bronner's soap, and never being able to find it.. i finally did!

i was in target looking for.. nothing really, just kinda ended up there hah. but i walked aimlessly around the cosmetics aisles and the bottle caught my eye. ta da!

i also found air fresheners for my car that i haven't been able to find in like, over a year. oh yea!

it was a good target trip :)
rudi peni

first post

I started my second set around my birthday at the end of december '07, but didn't really finish them until some time in january. I backcombed some, rip & twisted some, and some I just left alone to do their own thing. I tend to be a very impatient & impulsive person (hence the chopping of my first set) and these babies are really helping me with the whole patience thing.

on to the insane amount of pictures

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i got some

it's day one of being drug-free.
day two of being vegan.
day three of regularly going to the gym.
day four of being smoke-free.
day five of my dreads giving me a brand new perspective.

i've been wanting dreads for ages. up until now, i didn't want to change any aspect of my life so i held off. now my dreads are in and it's like this catalyst to make big moves... i don't know how you guys felt, but my dreads truly make me feel liberated.

Thank you all for the warm wishes and support! I know, it does seem like an overwhelming list of changes. I am really really going to try to keep everything up... of course, I'm only human so I may fail sometimes. (Esp. going from omni to vegan takes some getting used to). My dreads are here to remind me change is a good thing. I'll post pics soon! =)
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natural dread question

Hey everyone!
Some of you might remember me as the girl who had the god-awful parent problems with her dreads a few months ago.
I ended up combing my dreads out about two months ago, mainly because I couldn't take my mother telling me how I would 'never be beautiful again'. I stayed at home, but I have plans! I have some $$$$ saved up, and as soon as the school semester is over, I'm moving out of my house to go live with my friends up North! It's not so much the dreads, it is just that things are not working out with my parents, myself, and my schooling. Their idea of how I should live my life, and how I want to live it are not adding up, and we are constantly fighting. Also, they refuse to accept the fact that I want to be able to live my youth and possibly take a year off from school. So off I'll go, and I plan on starting my second set of dreads after I move out. Anyways, that aside, I do have a question about dreads! I'll cut this for length and for some pictures.
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finals blow

just avoiding studying for finals and cleaning my room..... they are around 4 months old, the back is all loops now, and i dont think my hair has ever been so enjoyable. (and distracting) 
 the only thing that bothers me about having them is when people grab them at parties, and somehow everyone doesn't understand that i can wash them!? oh and there are a few really exceedingly stupid girls who ask me how i brush my hair! its all worth it in the end, i wouldn't have my hair any other way!
good luck to all doing the finals thing!

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dont worry im better now

having spent the weekend being ill (damn you booze!) and then getting better again (thank you booze!), i did little else but lie on the counch with a box set of blakadder dvds. 

then i lost the remote.

so to compensate i played with my camera until the fire brigade came to look for it for me.

attack of the dreaded squidicus lazyassaurus
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want dreads but hate the hair color

;alright all you lovelies, last night i had a dream i was "getting" dreads i was backcombing my hair and was ridiculously happy while doing it. i've been bouncing back and forth with getting dreads for a while now.  i mean i've had three sets already.&nbsp; my last one i let form naturally (and boy did they form fast!) however i combed them out after about 4 months because i was tired of hearing my mother tell me how ugly i looked and how bad i smelled (iwashed my hair everyother day!)&nbsp; i love dreads but i also love my curly crazy hair so im torn.  anywho, I've been trying in vain to get rid of the red in my hair.  it just wont go away.  i dont want red dreads.  I've tried dying my hair blonde twice but it didnt take.   if any of you have any tips on how to get rid of red please please please let me know!  i wont get it professionally done.....i think the last time i let someone else cut my hair was 4 or 5 years ago and that was a trim.  Thanks guys!
curly look left

New Girl

 At the climbing wall on campus today, a girl with fresh dreads came in and started climbing next to wear I was standing. I asked her how old they were and she said a day. Anyway, I saw she used wax and I told her she doesn't want to do that and she shouldn't put any more in. She says, "Well, I got it from (guy that has had dreads for three years that climbs)." I was thinking it doesn't matter who gave it to you, it's not good. 
I wasn't being bitchy, either. I was all friendly advice/voice of experience when I told her about buildup and how she won't be able to wash the wax out and that it actually hinders friction needed to knot. She just rolled her eyes and igored me like I was an idiot. She just was like, "Yeah, well, that's not what I heard" like I don't know what the fuck I"m talking about. I mean...on this community I've heard testimony from probably close to 100 people not to use it and she listens to one guy. 
Damn, it's her problem if her dreads are gross!
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