May 2nd, 2008


I feel like my 'dreads' fell out last night when I washed them. Plus my hair actually feels dirty now. It didn't feel like this until after I washed my hair =/ Will they be ok?
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Mk, day 3 is awesome and itchy.
I feel like they're tight enough to wash already, but I know this is just a deceiving little ploy to get me to ruin them.
It's just that the tips are being a tiny pain. I think I'll leave it alone for a while to see what happens. :D

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If I wear them up too much in the beginning, they're going to goof, yeah?
I think I saw a comment about this in the memories, but I'm not sure if there was an entry.
I'll check again. Ignore me if I missed it.


my spirits have been dampered since my last YAY!post. =/ i don't know what it is, but i think it has something to do with me being very disappointed in my dreads. i know... dreadlocks are a process... i know. =/ i washed my hair this morning and they got super loose! now it looks like a tangled mangled mess on my head and i can't really maintain it right now since i'm work... do any of you palm roll or backcomb while at work...? my boss walked in on me working on a lock. i felt a bit sheepish.

check it...

anyway, i hope everyone else on here is having a way better day than me.
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hello my fellow locked friends :D my dreadlocks are 2yr and 5 mo. old. i am thinking about dying them a kinda dark brown for the summer...keep it pretty natural lookin. instead of the fadded blue green brown thing i've got goin on.
so i stuck my face on my scanner cause it looked like fun and this is what happened.....
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I have been noticing a lot of comments latley. I ride the bus now and i have noticed that i get most of my comments in the downtown spokane area and dont really get any in the valley ( where i live) its just kinda weird i guess. one lady said she was from jamaca and she was happy to see my dreads cause it reminded her of her home. Which was cool. then some random girl said i like you hair which to me was nice to hear instead of dreads or dreadlocks. idk they are a fun adventure...that i am lovin!!!
peace to you all.
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Using Dr. Bronners

Okay so I recentely purchased some Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, and I'm not 100% sure how to use it. I've heard from someone on here to dilute it.... like 50/50 or what? I dunno. Opinions? I'd be glad for some input :]

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kitties and hair

I'm bored so I thought I'd contribute to the the latest trends...

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Also, a funny story from work earlier.
I work in a department store, and tonight I served a lady with a little girl. The little girl was maaaaybe three years old, and she was very cute, with little pigtails. She didn't take her eyes off me the entire time I was serving her mom, and then out of no where she pointed straight at me and asked "Mommy, is that a GIRL?" Her mother was absolutely horrified, and said that it was because the little girl watches American Idol and always thought Jason Castro was a girl, and didn't understand why he had 'hair like that' if he was a boy...

Anyway, I laughed for a while over that, it was too funny. :P
(yes, I am a girl)


Hello everyone. I'm thinking very hard about getting knotted, and am perusing this lovely group for inspiration and guidance. Just wanted to say hi to y'all. :) *waves*