May 4th, 2008

round two!

hallllo again, flickin through flickr and thought i'd post some photos of my ex boyfriend chase's dreads.

he has had his for around 6 years now and his hair is so gosh darn curley that he did nothing and they formed out of nowhere, the back mattes up to one big fat dread every month or so. he's very high maintenance.

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I put up new picture in the sidebar on my website this past weekend and it was funny to see how many people were attached to my dreads. I didn't think anything of it....just wanted to update. I got a bunch of emails from my readers asking if I got rid of my dreads and that they were sad to think I didn't have them anymore. I had to do an update to let people know I'd just tied them back for that picture and that they were still there. It's nice to know that my readers are attached to them for whatever reason. :)

Anyway.....this is the picture I put up:

I did an update on my site with this picture (they hit 20 months yesterday and I have lots of fly-aways):

And to add a couple pictures for the pet theme that seems to pop up now and then....we have a new member of our furry family arriving by plane today.....Collapse )

met Phil ...

well guys....
i wanna give all of you a big hug and thanks for your support.
losing my lovely cat was something terrible... but show must go on, you know...
i was crying SO HARD that my parents gave me this :

so now i cant crying
i must look after this little fellow 

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My little creature and I got lost in photobooth a few days ago too! Happy to see Francella's today.
It was an interesting voyage into themes of identity/mothering/merging/fears/loss. And we went pink laughing.

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Well today was a wonderful day my husband and I took the kids out on our kayak. I got to get in the water and get my dreads wet with real ocean water rather than just salt water at home. I am hoping that throughout the summer I can get them soaked at least a few times a week.
I do have a question for you all, I have a lot of loose stray hairs and my dreads are about 3 months they are pretty skinny. My question is can I sort of dread ball some of the loose hair (not into a tiny ball but slightly knotted) and then sew them down into the dreads(like for combining)  . I have read that waiting till 4 months is good, but was wondering if doing this would hurt anything. Also is there any harm in combining into fatter dreads this early, should I wait longer to do that too?


So I met this lovely guy on Friday night, at the Diamond Head gig,
He had 8 fatties on the top of his head (the rest of his hair was shaved) that are 6.5 years old. They looked really gorgeous & healthy, and were almost completely straight, with the only the most subtle of bumps here & there. 
Obviously, I had a feel, & they felt quite like tight rope that had been soaked in superglue & dried.
I asked him some questions about them, & he said that he hadn't ever washed them & only put a tiny bit of superglue on the ends & at the roots if they felt a little loose. 
I've never seen such dreads as natural-looking, yet so neat before. Even at 6.5 years old.

What are people's opinions about using glue? I wouldn't do it!

But he's such such a groovey dude, I'm totally keeping in touch :)

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Itch Question

Hi folks, I just joined after repeatedly coming to the comminuty on a daily basis for a while and lurking around. I am about to take the plunge into the world of dread, I am a bit worried at how I will go having thin, fine oily hair, but I was sold finally on the idea of less hair fall and am hoping I can take the vegetable peeling sink strainer out of my bathtub drain :D I can work around the other stuff.

Now I have a question, I looked in the memories and nothing quite got to what I wanted to know.
I get the itchies when I don't wash my hair, and all I can do is claw and scratch until I wash, which is about 2-3 times a week at the moment. I read about others who get the itchies and how often they wash their dreads, but I was wondering, for those who have this issue, did you have it before the dreads, and did the dreading make it better or worse? By that I mean did the need/want to wash it become more or less frequent?

Any infor would be great, oh and nice community, great informative memories section!
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