May 5th, 2008

New dread poofyness mantainance for work??

I found some stuff in memories for hiding dreads, and styling dreads but assumed they were for already formed, months/years old dreadies. Great stuff!

However, I am just wondering how people deal with their Sideshow Bob hair for work etc? Obviously I wouldnt want to tie them up too tight and cause kinks etc, but as I have super thick long hair, I will have HUGE poofyness for some time, so can anyone suggest the best way to deal with this during working hours? My workplace have put up with my synth dreads up till now, but I dont want to scare too many people with the electrocuted look ;P



Fashionable Dreads!

The other day I was flipping through the May issue of Marie Claire and noticed that they had a picture of a cute dreadie girl in their mini travel guide to Paris. She shows up on page 60, in a photo of shoppers at the store Collette.  
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shun the nonbeliever!

I've got dread candles. :/

Hello everyone. This is a pretty great community. Hope you guys can help out with this little situation I have. And after reading, I kindof wish I'd come here first.

I ordered a DreadHead starter kit and reading here confirmed what I thought all along... you do not need wax in excess, if at all. My dreads that had little to no wax came out WONDERFULLY, but the ones with the lots of wax are splitting apart and look like a greasy mess, and not like dreads. The ends aren't nice, they are splitting and frizzy.

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I browsed the memories section and couldn't quite find anything that could help me on this particular topic... is there any way to get rid of the wax without ruining my dreads? I know I'm gonna have to do quite a few of them over, but I'd just like to be sure they stay in and look right.

Thanks in advance, for the help!

irritated scalp.

my dreads are 9 months and i haven't really experienced too many problems.
i had a few lice a few weeks back, so i blitzed them with delacet.
my problem is, since then, i have had sore spots all over my scalp which itch like crazy,
are extremely sore, and making me unhappy. i've been trying not to itch, but theres only
so much itching i can take.
[EDIT] - i do not have lice anymore, just sore spots. there were barely any lice/eggs in the first place, but i still freaked out and treated the problem straight away. i get my boyfriend to check my hair each night and he has never found anything since i treated them.
i'm not sure if my dreads are just tightening, or that my scalp is still recovering from the delacet treatment.
i've been washing them a lot to try and cool my scalp (i use lush seanik shampoo)
but washing isn't helping.
i'm going to try using some tea tree shampoo that is in my bathroom in a moment,
but any suggestions would be a huge help.
i want to lighten my hair but i don't wish to do this until my scalp feels better.

Lish~ I thought this post could maybe go in the memories with itchies/scalp conditions
to help others. 

thanks guys, love as always :)
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hello lovelies

so im very very happy i didn't cut them off thank you all for the advice.
I combined your suggestions... I popped them under a hat for a few days then gave them a good thorough washing and maintenance.
i also realised that they are a year old today! or yesterday or possibly Saturday... >.<  well i know i got them at some point over the may bank holiday weekend ^_^  though i don't remember the exact date i remember the day like it was yesterday, we went to cheer my friend Jake up at his place so we took a load of yummy food and had a barbecue =D whilst there i was maintaining my friend claires dreads and she offered to do my back ones so i could finally do my front ones. Voila 12 hours and a tank girl video on replay later i have dreads!
in honour of the date heres a load of pics for you, also a result of me relocating my often lost phone computer wire.
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OH and i dyed em blue on saturday inspired by my
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new obsession with sonic the hedgehog, he seems to be my "dread noodles" biggest fan.
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    oh and i got
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life is looking up im happy.
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My art is a very intricate part of me and in it, I've found a way to heal from the past and embrace who I am, while being active in the present to make the best future I can possibly have.

I've found that scrapbooking my soul has been therapeutic and since there are dreads in my "now" picture, I thought I would share this here. The top picture is from Feb. of this year. Bottom picture is from 1994, at the age of 17.

You can read more details on the creative process here: Sharp Contrast details

Here's the journaling so that it's easier to read:

Sharp Contrast

* When I smile, I feel it inside.
* I'm strong inside and out.
* I'm free to be me.
* I've found joy in my locks and letting them show, I'm comfortable in my own skin and my spirit has found its wings.
* I know who I really am. I broke free from the shackles and in finding strength, I feel like I've been birthed anew.

* When I smiled, I felt like I was dying inside.
* I was searching for strength.
* I was repressed and made to be someone else.
* I was forced to cover my head, my body, my spirit.
* I felt like I was a prisoner in my own body, like I had been stripped of who I was really meant to be.

"What you need to know about the past it is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now." - Author Unkown