May 7th, 2008

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napalm orange over brown hair?

Quick question, only kind of dread-related…

Have any of you tried dying a super-bright orange (I’m looking at SFX’s napalm orange, specifically) over unbleached medium-light/medium-dark hair? I’ve only been able to find photos of the day-glo look when the dye is applied to very light hair—I’d love to see if anyone’s forgone the bleach for a more subdued result.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the day-glo color—I’m just too lazy to deal with the bleaching and then keep up with high-contrast roots. =P I got the napalm orange for $3 a bottle (yay, discount rack!) so I’m okay with using it even if it won’t show at its full high-powered potential.

This is me and my probably-soon-to-be-orange dreads:
The red has faded since this photo was taken… they’re now almost wholly brown with magenta tips.
NPH: Suit up!

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Okay. So I went down to the store the other day and picked up some Tea Tree Oil... It's been working great so far. My scalp/dreadies love the stuff.

The main issue is.. The Tea Tree Oil has a really strong odor that I do not care too much for...

Did I buy the wrong kind? or is this the way it's suppose to smell?

Need help please

I posted this over in another livejournal group. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make dreadlock extensions and attach them. I've done synthetic ones before but this guy wants them in permanently. Has anyone done this before? If not I will just guess my way through it. I appreciate your help. I'm assuming I should use real hair if he wants them in permanently. I don't know what kind though or anything else. Thanx again.

family issues w/ dreads

i'm loving my dreads. i consider them my liberators from a society i was bound to. my mind was colonized. but no longer.

my husband loves my dreads. he thinks i look hot(ter) w/ them.

then there's the rest of the family. i don't know how close you all are to your family but mine is pretty close knit, especially for such a huge bunch. anyway, we go to my grandparents' house every weekend and last weekend my grandmother took a look at me and pursed her lips together in disdain. omg, it's fricken HAIR! just hair, everyone! then she goes, "you look like a crazy homeless person." and i don't know if i gave the proper response but the first thing to come out of my mouth was, "this is my way of fighting the system. i want to go against societal norms." she shook her head. this is just unheard of, i sensed her thoughts telepathically. =D

on a sadder note, i was not on good terms with my mother in law but a couple months ago, i wrote her this thank you note straight from the heart. after that, she was really nice. when i got my dreads, she basically stopped talking to me. well, not really; she did say, "you better take them (the dreads) out. it's not pretty. people will look at you funny." uhh, scuse me? first off, you're not MY mother. second, lady, it's MY fricken hair. this would not be such a big deal if we were not living w/ the in-laws. =/ so it just sucks that she doesn't really acknowledge me anymore.

what is it about both sides of my family? is this an asian thing? i suspect they feel like they're getting disgraced from me having dreads.... i'm still keeping them but it's just disheartening to see people so afraid of being different.

what is the big deal?!!?!
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right now, they are 24 hours old exactly. Mmm.

please ignore those bands! I put them in before school because of a few unraveling problems and i didn't want to lose them in my sea of hair. if that makes sense.. Anyway, they're out now, so no worries. :D

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A quick, text-only update.

I'll explain now that yes, I do consider my dreads experimental. Here's some recent experiments:

1. I dyed my hair when my dreads are far too young. Most of them unravelled. A whole segment of the back of my head was completely back to brushable condition. I was having trouble with the back to begin with, but this further pointed out that I needed another plan of attack for my hair.

2. I clearly suck at following instructions (thanks, Lish). I'm not an all happy with the colour, and I'm actually pretty experienced with hair dye, but not with dreads. Again, this is an experiment.

3. My dreads were far too thin to begin with. They were also way too loose, and quickly started to fall out. I decided to do something you'll all hate me for (maybe) - I ripped and twisted them to combine. They were only a fraction of the size of my test dread; as in the section that went into each was far too small.

Yes, I realize that dreads shrink, but even with the shrinkage that the test dread went through, I didn't have nearly enough hair to even hold them together. Plus, upon ripping them together, I realized how few knots there were.

In conclusion, they look far more substantial now. I'll be able to fix the colour in no time. Plus, since they were falling apart, they were shedding. Ugh. I'm not posting pictures until I correct the colour. Until then, everyday's a bandana day.
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