May 8th, 2008

Flaming Lips

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hello friends!

just checking in with all you hip cats.
im pretty sure the dreaded tentacle creature on my head is in need of a little work.
im still terribly in love with how wild they are.
my bedhead never ceases to amaze me.
i took a trip to the hawaiian islands (kauai to be exact.) and it seems that all the salt water has done wonders on tightening my roots, but the tips have come undone.
tomorrow im getting to work on these babies and locking them up a little better.

awkwardky sized photos ahead:
this is more for entertainment value than anything else.
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im pretty sure i haven't posted here since last june. the last year of my life has been magnificent. i sarted and finished college. i lived on my own with my then friend now best friend, i fell out of love, and then back into it. soo so much has changed. including my hair..which is now hovering around 2 1/2 years.and is reaching the middle of my back. its grown like crazy in the last few months
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NPH: Suit up!

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I'm starting to fall in love with them more and more everyday, because now they are finally locking up.

My tips are a little whispy, but they are going to dread into them... if I just leave them alone right?

PS. My bangs aren't dreaded...

I decided when I first got my hair dreaded that I wanted to keep some brushable hair in the front, but lately I've just been annoyed with them.

Just a simple question; What do you guys think... Keep the bangs or dread 'em?
bear suit

Because you haven't seen me in, like... two weeks.

Today I decided to try and take some pics of myself that didn't involve posing in the bathroom at work... even though I know you guys LOVE when I do that.

I'm basically trying to document my weight loss and see what the difference looks like. I'm at 40lbs lost now... and I'm still losing. It's going a little slower now, though. That's OK. I feel good.

So, for the first time ever, I used the "timer" feature of my little digital camera. Dude. That is a pretty cool thing. Unfortunately, I'm not too good at looking at the camera at the right moments... So these look "artsy" by pure coincidence.

Are these the dreadiest pics of me ever? No, but you can see the dreads to some degree.

OK, so... here's me next to my car. You can see the fuzzies nearer to my scalp. Yes, I have some serious grays happening in there...

And here I am... same spot, different angle. I'm pretty sure my gut looks smaller here.

Ok, I had to sneak out into a little field near my office for this one... I took my hair down and got rid of my button-down shirt, which would have aroused suspicions closer to the building.

That's all for now.


i need to have my hair in a tight bun for my dance recital, and i'm having trouble getting my hair flat against my head. a lot of trouble.

i don't really thing gel/mousse would help because my roots are super messy, and i'm worried about not being able to remove it.
if this is covered in the memories, please direct me to where, i didn't find anything under hairstyles.
i know i won't be able to get my hair completely flat, but hopefully a little more than i'm able to get it now.
any suggestions would be realllllly appreciated!

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Because someone wanted to know.

I have had my dreads for 10 months now. My husband's are nine months or so.

My thoughts on getting dreads right before I did them:

My thoughts on them now:

I love them, even though sometimes I have days when they seem floppy or too fuzzy. I never feel like I want to comb them out, and I can only remember one day, about a month in, where I had a single regret, and it was gone by the following day. I think, for me, it was the best decision, and it was the right time in my life to do it.

I actually feel like I look better with dreads than I did with straight hair (I know not everyone agrees, and that's okay.) I don't have to fuss with curling irons or brushes. I always hated when my hair would be in my face, and I hated that it would stick to my neck when it was hot. These are no longer an issue.

I love sticking my dreads into the wind in a car. I love that people remember me as the girl with the dreads and not the girl with the boobs. They are great conversation starters with strangers. People are eager to touch them, which is both flattering and creepy depending on the person, haha. I actually enjoy answering questions about them, and especially when I am able to enlighten someone about certain things, like washing dreads, or that you aren't neccesarily a pothead just because you have them.

I love finding things to thread onto them. I like tying my hair back with a knot or two. I love flinging the water out of my hair after a shower--it's like a great many-thonged whip and the pull of the swing feels good on my scalp. I love pulling them up into a big pineapple/fountain hairdo.

I've noticed other things too. I am a much calmer, happier person. I know no one will believe that dreads have something to do with this, but I really think they did. I am more able to let any anger or irritability flow away from me, and I also think that I'm somehow more intuitive about the feelings and concerns of others. Yes, I know that sounds flaky as hell. But it's the truth.

This is a link to the picture timeline I posted at eight months, in case you didn't see it:

The gods make the dreadlocks. You are the soil for their garden.