May 11th, 2008


snakes! (i haven't posted in a long time!)

my boyfriend presented me with this last night, a modified picture of myself with a little bit of medusa action:

i thought it was neat.

anyhow, i've been obsessing over the how to dye/bleach dreads text that lish created .... and i might have a go at it! i'm actually think of varying shades of pink, blond and dark pink. my hair is SO thick that it'll take forever though :|

i'm kind of bored with my locks right now, i haven't dyed my hair bright vivid colors since i was like ... 17!

who knows.

<3's to you all.
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my lonely dread

So about 30 minutes ago I started my 3rd set of dreads. I only have one in so far, and I'm going to take my time putting them in since my last sets were rushed and ended up more trouble than I wanted.
For those who remember me-I was the chick with the boyfriend who didn't want me to get them. Well I said "screw him" Still waiting for him to come home and see his reaction..that will be fun. But after you guys gave me advice I decided that It IS my own hair, not him. I should be loved for whats in the inside not for a hairstyle choice.
Thank you guys!
I'll post some pictures of my lonely dread soon, maybe by then I'll have a couple more. heh

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snow white is dead

some progress

so i'm at 6 months, and i've lost almost 6 inches in length. when i started my dreads off in december, my initial length was about 3 inches past my shoulders. now, they're about 2 inches above my shoulders. they're shrinking like crazy. i have loops like crazy at the ends, and most of my dreads near my neck are very very tight. the thing that concerns me is that they look like crap. i'm pretty sure i've read around here that around 6 months they start looking horrible, and i'm curious as to how long they'll look like this. they dont have the solid dreadlock form yet, a lot of them are flat and kinky. i'm not sure if i should start doing maintenance on them or just leave them alone as i have. i used to be able to make them presentable if i needed to go somewhere formal, but now all i can really do is just put them in a ponytail..even though they're almost to the point where they wont make a ponytail anymore.

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will i ever get my length back?!!?

thank you!

image booster + saran wrap

i've had only 4 dreads in my hair up to this point, but two days ago i washed them real good for the first time in a month and was so happy with their fluffy loveliness that i added four more tiny ones and a fattie in the back. i love them so much! which brings me to this: i knw a lot of people say they feel kinda ugly and weird the first few days-->weeks of baby dreads because they're all crazy and you get negative comments and stuff, but did anyone feel more attractive? i definitely never felt attractive about my hair before but now i look in the mirror at it and go damn girl you lookin' fine. well maybe not, but i do feel a whole lot better about myself physically with zees baby dreads! this could also be for the fact that i've only been complimented on them to my face, and although i'm sure i've received negative comments (living in a small midwestern town...) they've been quite hidden behind my back.

also, when i had most of my hair undreaded i'd wrap the four in aluminum foil when i had to take quick morning showers & hair washes (they're a bit too delicate right now for the showerhead). the foil would rip and crumble too much after about two uses, though, so i'm thinking when i do need to wash my hair in this way i'd use clear plastic wrap, which would survive more uses. has anyone done this before? my fear is that it'd melt into my hair under hot water since i turn the water on at the hottest...

okay thank you for any input you lovely people!!


Soooo last sat. I got arrested for disorderly conduct. :(
Me and some friends walked downtown around 5pm started drinking around 6pm and didn't stop untill the bars closed. I guess the last thing i had to drink were 4 double shots of 151 !! which i dont remember. Then on the way home i started fighting with my sister (sometimes i try to beat her up when i am really shitty..i'm dumb) anywho the cops came and tried to talk with us but i thought i could beat the cops up and freaked out really bad. SO I went to jail but the really sad thing is that while i was being booked or whatever they had to CUT all my beads out and my hemp!!! these are beads i have a for 2 years. This whole experience sucked really bad! basically if you are going to jail take your own beads out!
btw i dyed my locks i'll post pix soon!
peace and love
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Just Over Three Months!

My dreads turned three months at the end of April and I am so bloody happy with them right now. A few weeks ago I tried counting my dreads and lost track somewhere after 80, not including the chunk of undreaded hair at my nape that is still to shorty and slippy to stay knotted. I decided I had way too many dreads to manage and combined a few with my tapestry needle. I've combined at least a dozen dreads since then, and will probably do another few pairs in the next day or so. My hair is behaving so much better now. It feels like my dreads have developed more in the last two weeks than they have in the last two months. I'm getting lots of awesome little squiggles all over my head. I don't think any of my other sets ever looked this nice. Looking back I realize how many dumb things I did to them. 

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 ok so, here are some pictures. info before
age of my lovelies - 9months
# of dreads-71
method used-backcombing
time taken to backcomb - almost 70 hours over the course of 7 days
how much i love them?- a whole fricken lot

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