May 12th, 2008

before work

So somebody left their camera on the table. I love this community and my dreads and if I had a camera I wouldn't lurk so much. Keep in mind my method of photography mostly consists of taking as many shots as I can and sifting through later.

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I was also running a little late.
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many different events= adventure!

Another picture post!

This one includes: Jason Webley ( - everyone should check him out, he's an amazing musician!), Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band ( - also amazing!), traveling to Knobles Grove, and Centralia- the burning town.
This is my last day in my hometown- I'll be traveling to Houston, TX for three weeks, and then Yellowknife, NWT, CA for the rest of the summer to work. I'm so excited my stomach hurts!!!! (gypsy88 we need a dual picture post to celebrate, OMGZ)

The dreads are 3.25 months old, loving them, and generally loving life. I did dye a few blonde and red last night, but I'll leave that for another post.

slow connections beware, lots of adventure, slightly picture heavy.

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Nappy to dready.

Hey everyone,
I have nappy hair - and I am wanting my dreadlocks back.
I want them to have good thickness, not too fat not too skinny.
I was wondering what is the best method for people with natural nappy hair to dread their hair.
For people with slick hair it's usually the back combing method and rubber bands and blabla what not.

I want my dreads to look well taken care of and neat since I often work with people of good status, and I just don't want to look sloppy - but still with that natural flavour.

Please help me!
And illustrations are very much welcome - I am very visually dependent :D

Have a great day!
Jah bless.
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New Dreads

My buddy fighter_ryoko let me loose on her hair:

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It took 3-4 hours as her hair was mega short. I used a combination of rip n twist with backcombing.

She is going to look cute as hell once they start locking up. I will keep you updated with her progress.
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Thoughts and prayers

This isn't specifically dread-related, but you know how everything is wrapped up in everything else.

A little over a week ago a car full of my best friends in the world got into a horrible accident. Two of them did not live and a third is in the hospital looking at a very long recovery.
The boy in the hospital and one of the girls who didn't make it both helped to put in my dreads.

I just wanted to ask everyone for your prayers, thoughts, good vibes, or whatever you have to give for the safe recovery of my brother-in-law while he is in the hospital. Today he has to undergo another surgery to wire his broken jaw shut, so I'm especially wanting to send him all of the good that I can.

He's had to shave his head for the surgery, so I'm going to take a lock of his extremely long hair and make it into a dread extension.

The family of my best friend Carrie told me they'd like to give me a piece of her hair to remember her by as well, so I can't think of a better way to carry the both of them around with me than in my dreads, which they both helped to create.
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(no subject)

I've seen various post scattered about on the topic of
starting dreads on short hair,
so I assumed they would be in the memories.
Either I'm completely blind, or they aren't.

So I need your help.
Can someone either point out the memory entry to me,
or can you offer some advice for starting dreads on short,
wavy hair?
At first I was going to try and use rubber-bands,
but I want to know what the other options might be.


missing my dreadlocks

I had dreadlocks years ago (twice). I cut off the first set for a vacation, bad idea. My second set i started after that when I had with about 3-4 inches of hair. I got rid of them around shoulder length, I cut then brushed out the rest, a lot of conditioner was used then, yeesh!
I can't even remember why I did it the second time around but I wish I never got rid of them.

Sometimes I wonder how they would look if I still had them now? I can only imagine they'd be a life of their own full of that wonderfully wild freedom and energy, I once knew and had. I would have much joy.

I've been really missing my dreadlocks for quite some time now. Especially after admiring the wonderful ones here...I wish I never got rid of them years ago. *cry*

My dreads were buzzing with a uniqueness all their own, I know that they were one hair style that I truly enjoyed having...ohhh how they were complicated and timely to achieve at first, but once I had them they were such a simplicity, and I never seemed to have a hair worry.

Soon enough the time may come for me to start a new dreadlocks journey, After having the dreadlocks, I didn't get a cut style, just some layers which are about all grown out to the middle of my back, and I'm feeling the dreadlock itch, I just have to make sure the time is right.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and admire the ones you all have now. Keep up the pictures all I enjoy them much! Oh, and I'm Nichole by the way, nice to meet you and your lovely dreadies.
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couldn't find this in the memories

but I washed my hair with dish soap a week or so back when I was taking my dreads out (in order to get rid of the wax.) Since then I've noticed my head has been incredibly itchy. I assume it's obviously from the dishsoap, but my main question is if anyone else has had this issue, how long did it take you for the itchyness to go away?

Thanks a ton.


So I'm currently seeking employment, and the last place I applied was a coffee shop that's across the street from my last job. I worked a different coffee shop for a while last year, and one of the guys that trained me there now works at this other coffee shop. I stopped by to turn in my application and ended up seeing this guy, Robbie. First thing he said to me was, "so you dreaded it up, huh?" 
I didn't really know how to respond to that. "Uh...yeah." 
And then he goes, "you should go on" 
I DID know how to respond to that. "Uh, yeah. I've seen that site, I used it when I first started out." 
"And they still turned out like that?" 
Um. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Haha. How could I POSSIBLY have stray hairs and loose ends if I used Dreadhead's impeccable products?! I must be doing something TERRIBLY wrong. So then to add insult to injury, he says, "I can help you fix them if you want. I had dreads once." I thanked him, took my latte and went on my way.
To make matters worse, that was almost a week ago and they haven't called me back for my follow-up interview yet. =(

On a more positive note, I took lish's advice and turned my bitch dread into a threadlock. I love it and it doesn't get stuck on my industrial bar anymore! Woooo.
Proof behind the cut, along with a few bonus pictures.

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Dyeing hair extensions

So I just bought a weft of hair to extend my dreads with, however its not quite my colour. Its a strawberry blonde and I"m more of a browny red. Should I dread them first then dye them, or dye the weft then dread it? I doubt it will need to be bleached or anything
Q: Whose COURT is This?

(no subject)

i was wondering if anybody knew of a "international day of dreadlocks" or something like that? (i'm looking up days for things because it's "international feel sorry for yourself day" lol and couldn't find anything that celebrates dreads. o_o
blknwht girls

Hello friends

I am new...hello to all...I am on my second set. About a month into it now, my hair is much shorter this time around but still locking up nice. I am much more informed this time around. First time around I was piling on way to much wax and using regular shampoo. This time I am already much happier with my babes. 
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New Guy!

First off, hello fellow dreads!
Now on to business. I am not new to dreads. I've had mine for over a year now. Pretty good length. Anyway, I want to dye them. Not the whole thing...maybe. I have been considering a few colors - one possibly unorthodox for my race, haha. KEY CHOICES AND MY PREFERENCE!

1.) Standard penny-brown sorta color
2.) blond
3.) pure fucking white [or as white as I can get them

People have mostly downed me on coloring, although my close friends say go for it. I'm definitely going for it, but I'm not sure which one.

Also I'm considering my career path in case I don't become a rockstar, so white hair [keeping in mind I'll be able to get my hair done by a locktician more often while it's locking] has been my main preference. I'd still wanna go for the blond because I feel that'd be hot, but the brown goes dope with the soul in me. So each color sort of represents a different profile of mine. I'll post about the 2 most normal pics of myself that I have so that you guys can get a decent look @ me and try to give advice accordingly. I doubt I'll stay all black.

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