May 14th, 2008


it's been a while.

it was non-stop craziness over this past weekend. but i wanted to wish my fellow mother's a belated happy mother's day!

a pic of my little lotus blossom:

and the random late night dinner with her godpapas (without her) after club 6/poleng lounge-ing it up on saturday night in sf. @ chicken & waffles in oakland... no i didn't eat anything.... but yes, i had a little buzz going...

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This one started out as 3, but merged together and my sister wrapped it criss-cross style with some wool yarn which eventually just dreaded right in.

It's amazing how much they change.....all the time.

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mason jar

Baby, baby, baby dreads

Hi, I'm Andrea! I'm 21, queer/FTX, and I live in Maine and work at a rape-crisis center, etc., etc. I've wanted dreads for two years or so, but then, after a particularly traumatic break-up last year, I shaved my head. I think I needed to shave my head and go on that journey to really understand that I didn't need to be a slave to my hair in a big ugly socially-constructed way, which brought me to the present moment and the lovely Medusa coils rising off my head today. : )

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man where the hell can i buy a felting needle. i look in all sorts of stores and they just look at me like im crazy or soemthing.

and i cant buy them online for some reason. it never seems to work out for me.
love and live

about WAX!!

i know a TON of you say to avoid using wax, but im taking the plunge, but im not using knotty boy or dreadheadhq stuff, im using this stuff i found at a local beauty shop, its called Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Creme Wax.
It says its great for starting and maintaining locks..... heres a lil picture i found:

i was wondering if anyone had used this product before?
my friend is coming over tomorrow to fix what i didnt do right lol

here we go!
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