May 15th, 2008

My itty bitty babies

I posted a little bit ago about my boyfriend's silky hair-we saturated it in salt water and my friend (who has never dreaded but is an absolute natural) and I took him to a coffee house and attacked his head with a bunch of back combing, and now they actually look like dreads! I'll get a picture when he's not camera shy!

And so it's not text only...
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edit: I'd like to say that I think gudu is thee most welcoming and sweet community on LJ. Bravo, dreadies :)

Visiting San Diego

Hi all,

I've visiting San Diego (i'm from Australia) for work and am wondering if anyone knows anywhere good there where I can do some shopping for head bands and tams and head cleaning products etc. I'm staying in Old Town and have no way of getting around except for public transport, so the closer to there the better (unless getting somewhere else on public transport is easyish). Also, if anyone knows any good food places and nice relaxed pubs/bars (i'm not a nightclub goer) around that area that i can waste my evenings away in, that'd be awesome.

I'll be in San Diego from tomorrow (the 16th) till next friday (the 23rd), but this weekend may be the only time i have to run around during the day (I'll be out at UC-San Diego during the days).

I'm also going to see The Dresden Dolls thursday night! can't wait :)

sunlit face

formal wear+breakage scare

hi everyone :) so I'm attending a formal occasion this saturday evening and am having a really hard time figuring out what to do with my hair!
yesterday I decided to try a new method of deep cleaning and I think it worked, although as I first began to dry my babies I thought I had done major damage and caused all sorts of breakage!
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on a lighter note, here are pictures of some of the hair styles I've worn to previous formal occasions. Mostly waxed so they lay down nicely or pulled back in a cute way.

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dreads, dye and shampoo

i want to dye my dreads black (naturally brown black) but they absorb color really fast, so i was thinking when i wash the dye out, can i just wash my dreads with shampoo, or will that actually just interfere with the color staying? thanks in advanced and x-posted.

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months and months and months ago, i promised a bunch of people on here that I'd post again "soon." so, uh....sorry about that, guys ;)

to make up for it, here are a bunch of the photos i might have posted, were i more cognizant of all the promises i make....

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asian hair

um, so i was slightly disappointed that there was only one entry in the memories for asian dreads and the pictures weren't even working. =/ i need something to look forward to!!!

lately my babies have been acting bad (as in bad and not bad as in good) and i guess i've got my sister-in-law's beauties to look forward to (she's filipina and she's had hers for eight years) but i just want them to set in already! some of them are hardening and feeling 'fuller' but some of them are just blah.... some asian inspiration would totally uplift my spirits, ya'll.

any asians with dread pictures in here???? =(
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One Month and One Week Old

So here's my progress so far. This is one month and one week. I've been using rubber bands at the roots and leaving them there for a few days till the roots seem tighter and then snapping them out. Same goes for stray pieces of hair, which I have a lot of, but I only band the ones that are really big and glaring and annoying. I palm roll every day and wash about as often as I did before the dreads which is about once a week or so.

Most of it is backcombed, but there's a big chunk in the back on the side w/o the hemp that are natural because I never got around to backcombing them and they started knotting themselves.

These are random pictures from my birthday, so the quality varies. Most of them were taken by my boyfriend, who, despite his many natural talents, can not take a picture to save his life, which is why I'm not in focus in a couple of them.

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