May 17th, 2008


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heeeey guys!!!
have a lovely day today!!!!

but first check out a few pix from my best frind's birthday yesterday
yay! haooy 21 !!! lets drink!!

more photos soon

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so i went to the doctor the other day

'im afraid youve got a brain aneurysm' he said

'oh no' says me

'yeah' says he 'were gonna have to open your head'

'you cant do that' i said

'why not?'


Ay? Ay?

Thank you very much im here all week.

Try the veal (tofu)
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circle flowers?

Checking in...

3.5 years and counting... My crazy long hair (think, below hips) was bleached and dyed rainbows about a year or so before dreading. I've been planning this a long time.

Now that they're long, I haven't the slightest clue what to do with them though. Keep growing? Trim? So far I've had little luck with updos and miss being able to wear my braids frida-style.

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