May 18th, 2008

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Almost 6 months...

I'm so proud of my dreadies. They are doing so well. They have shrunken up nicely and aren't clustering as much as they used to. I am however very pissed at myself for dying them. I suck at dying my own hair. First they were green, teal and purple but the purple didn't show up and most of the colors faded so I dyed them what I thought was bright red and turned out to be bright orange. The next day I used special effects and it was a great bright red that lasted only 2 weeks! So the other day I dyed them purple, pink and teal. Well the purple took over basically and the pink is very close to the purple and it is too dark for me and I do not wish to ever bleach my hair again let alone dye it again which I have a feeling will happen as I do not like to have weird, faded hair. Ah, saga! Here are some shots of me and my pup with the bright red hair. I'll have new, better picks of my hair in a couple of weeks along with pics of my newly stretched ears! I'm so excited about the process.


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happy two month to my hair!!! yay! =D

i'm gonna post pictures either later on today or tomorrow.
i'm so happy with how far they've come along.
and i've got stories to tell! short and not so interesting stories
but stories nonetheless :)


Need help please

Ok so I apologize for posting the first time without looking through the memories. I'm a n00b. Anyways. So now that I've seen how to attach dreadlock extensions I'm not sure if that way will work on new dreadlocks but I'm determined to figure something out. Although has anyone done extensions another way on dreadlocks that were just done? I might still try the crochet hook method.

Here's my question. What type of hair do you use? Like brand name or anything. Sassy hair from sally's sucks and when you backcomb there are a ton of straight hairs sticking out. Do you buy like hair to make zillions? (the braids) I really don't feel like buying 50 dollars of hair and not having it work or having little straight hairs sticking out.

Also how to you backcomb it into a dreadlock. I've done the one with the loop at the end but you obviously shouldn't have a loop.

I am desperate at this moment. If I can't find anything in a day I'm going to have to call him and say I can't do it. which would suck. Thank you for reading this and possibly helping me.
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So I wonder...

Not sure what's "normal" in regards to dreads, but mine are under two months yet and I've got some dreads that are pretty tight already at the tips, and seem to be dreading up towards the roots and others that seem to have fallen apart and are reforming. About half are backcombed, half are natural (top half is backcombed, bottom half is natural), but on both the top and bottom half, there are some that are seriously tight.

Is this abnormal or am I just lucky? :/
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okay guys and gals :)

While in Key West this past weekend, my friends helped me dread up for the second time. I think they came out awesome. They still have seven [un]dreads left to do, but the rest are complete. A few have rubber bands cause the ends wouldnt stay, but most of em did just find without it.

Thanks you guys for helping me decide what I should do. I really want to watch them mature and not get the perm, so I'm happy with my decision. They're done right this time - most stick out at weird angles like a crazy octopus or something. It's great.

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So, what do you think? I'm pretty excited about them.

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I'm currently in school to become a hairdresser. This somehow makes me an expert on dreads. (haha) my boyfriend, a friend and a co-worker would all like me to do their hair.
i want everyones answers on a few things before I touch anyones hair.

How were they made?

Back combing
Rip and twist
Combination (please explain)
Other (please explain)

If you back combed, what sort of comb did you use?

Did you use wax?


Did you pay to get them done (salon, friend etc)? If so, how much (hourly, total, skills trade, etc)