May 20th, 2008

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It sounds a little silly to me, but some of you might have felt the same way so I'm just going to share my personal feelings. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

First of all I absolutely LOVE my dreads. This set, in particular. The first set didn't come out so good at all, so I didn't understand when people said they felt so great about them. I just couldn't get it; they were straggly, waxy, and disgusting looking. I didn't think I could tough out the process, if that was what the process entailed. They were a sticky mess, so as many of you remember, I took them out.

I struggled with how I was going to get them put back in. Whether I was going to backcomb them myself of have them permed in (for work related reasons.) Well as you know I took the plunge, had my friend do them, and I'm currently letting them do their own thing. And this time, it all feels different. The 16 hours of backcombing, ripping, twisting, and palmrolling... it all paid off when I tossed it into a sloppy head wrap and looked in the mirror. I really feel like a different person. I love them, and I can't wait to watch them 'grow up.'

I love going into public with them. I feel so confident of myself, and so proud of them. I love playing with them, and watching people's reactions, whether they're good ones or bad ones, and people asking about them. I love it all.

SO I wondered if anyone had a similar experience. I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse, because I know I'm not the only one who feels like this. I'd just like to hear stories. Maybe people who just recenly started THEIR dreads in the past week around when I did... anything!

And so it's not text only, here's a picture of the back of my hair my friend took. I love my natural highlights, and what they've done in my dreads.


hey my friend took some pictures of me this morning, they don't quite show off my extensions though they do show off my new microdermal on my head ^_^
pics of my extensions and some she took of me acting like a gimp in a forest will be up soon :]

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I be in the east Texas area (Rusk to be exact)and would be a close drive to Nac, Tyler, J-ville, and other such areas....any dreadies in this area be open to doing some dreadie maintenance for me? Or heck...even a maintenance party type thing? I would be willing to go to you and give some compensation for your time!

lishd works hair magic.

This rich text editor is pissing me off and I don't have the time right now to go through all my pics to share the good ones, so here is the link to the gallery I have of my hair now: clickeh here.

If you get the chance, have lishd work on your hair. Her work is beyond amazing, and she was so gentle I actually began drifting in and out of sleep a bit towards the end.

Best decision I have ever made about my hair, period.
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Going to be starting my dreads in a few months.

    So I've finally decided to dread my hair in a few months. I'm going to talk to my manager at work first about it to see what needs to be done with my hair while there. They already don't mind the fact that it's pink or the fact that my ears are gauged to a 2, so I'm supposing they'll be alright with it.

I think my hair would lock up rather quickly. It's straight/wavy, but knots and washes like curly hair and holds form well. I can't wait to do it. I'll need to find someone who can separate my hair and help me when my hands get tired.

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Notes from an undreadhead.

Hey guys! I'm currently undreaded, but I plan on embarking on the journey in November. Out of respect for my mother (why, I don't know, she doesn't seem to respect my wishes in the least), I'm waiting until after her wedding on October 25th to start the dreads. I just got a haircut, my hair is 3/4 inches long in the back, to like 6/7 inches in the front. I also have straight across bangs, which I am working on growing out. I watch this community like crazy, and watch all of your dreads being born, and maturing, and I must say, they are all so beautiful! I love how every person's dreads are different, and each different set has it's own life & personality.

My real reason for this post is to let you guys all know that this is the nicest community on LJ. I have come find that the dreaded community as a whole, seems to comprise the nicest people, so unjudgemental & kind, that I have ever come in contact with. So kudos to all of you. You're all so awesome. =]

& just so this isn't text only, some pictures of me right now, and a few of my hair when I had dreaded it myself.

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You guys are the best, I hope you have a beautiful day.
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Combined dreads...

I don't know why I was so up on combining dreads (was it mentioned recently, or did I just get a lark and comb through the memories? I don't even remember anymore..) but I had two dreads that were very small, so I combined 'em...and found that they seemed tighter and such after being combined. So...what the hell...I now have a little less than half the dreads I used to, and I'm *loving* it. The further I got in combining them today, the more I loved them. Go figure.

Anyway, a few pictures, for those interested.

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I told arthuradot I'd post some pictures of my flat dreads in response to his post seeking "flat positiveness" in the group. Unfortunately, all I can provide at the moment are more crappy cell phone pictures (I'm mailing off my camera for repairs soon, I'm just a lazy-ass and haven't gotten around to it).

Wanna see the back of my head?!

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