May 22nd, 2008


anyone in the dallas area?

Hey i've posted a few times , the dreads in the back of my head stayed in pretty god but the ones on the top of my head keep falling out my hairs about 2 3/4 inches but im trying to find someone who knows what they are doin to maybe point me in the right direction of someone who could help. like a salon or something.

thanks in advance!


( and i mean Dallas Texas haha)

almost 3

next month marks the third year of my dreadlocks...they have grown alot since they started.
here is the oldest picture i can find of my dreadlocks...maybe a week or two after they were made.

baby mike baby mike

more current pictures of them are in my previous posts,
but here is a song i recorded tonite...the title is somewhat relevant to this post...and my hair is in it of i hope you enjoy...
"some change takes time"

come to think of it, i may have started them at the end of may...hmm. meh. me and perception-of-time dont get along too well.

I haven't posted in a while, so hi again!

Hey y'all. I don't know if you remember but I got into a gnarly bicycle accident in early March and posted a photo of just how gnarly it was. It only took me two weeks to heal, although I have a few scars that will probably take a while to go away and methinks the one above my eye will not. But it's really faint anyway.
So after discovering my bike was totaled, I was lucky enough to get a new one!

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Beside that I've been working on building my photography skillz, trying to build up my portfolio for college application n' all that. Unfortunately all of those images are stuck as tiff files on my old computer, so you'll have to go to my deviantart to see 'em. And please do go see them; I need as much constructive criticism that I can get! Also my newest photo shows off my dreads pretty well!
And I remember someone posted photos of faux dreadhawks (lishd, maybe?) and now that is how I wear my hair almost every day. It's perfect for my awkward-length dreads.

It weirds me out how they look and feel like dreads when just this time last year I just looked like I had bedhead.... I also went to an MIA concert! If you don't know who she is all you need to know is that she is hot and I love her.
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Good day, lovelies.

Sidenote: Craigslist is badass. I'm getting my awesome new gaming computer delivered to my house in about an hour for only $250. Ooooh la la. I is Everquest nerd. :D

I'm surprised at how well my scalp is taking to the new washing schedule. Right now, on a fine 4th day without a wash, my scalp is surprisingly dry. In the beginning, it would have been oily as hell at this particular moment.

After debating over and over whether I want to try to fix the back of my head or not, my friend Erica complimented on how well they're coming along. The top half of each dread gets tighter pretty much every night. It's the ends in the back I have issues with. They're plenty alright left alone, eh?

A lot of them are pretty tight and feeling a bit indestructible at this point. I'm so happy.
To be honest, I didn't think I was going to enjoy them as much as I am. I'm so proud of them. They're growing up so fast and everyone at work is so excited about them! Even my managers are pretty stoked.

I think I might be losing a tad bit of length on a couple of them. I might just be imagining things though.

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Hope everyone is having a great day! :]

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ive had dreads for like 5 ish months and i love them
people keep calling me nasty because i have them and i dont dress like every one else ( prep )
i hate when people dont understand
i dont care what they think 
let me be me
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My hair is thin thin thin! Thus I have decided that it's going to be okay that I've flipped some of my dreads through their roots a time or two. It'll give them character. Or so I'm hoping.
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Someone should really make a video on backcombing, and crocheting, and palmrolling, and whatever else dreadies might do. just to have a good resource to point people to. i personally still cannot picture in my mind how crocheting is done, i would love to see a clear and good quality video on this.

do these exist?!

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i just found one lice in my hair. actually more on my hair. i was staring at my computer screen with one hand in my hair near my temple and i flicked something off my hair and it looks exactly like lice. if it is lice, its an adult lice.

i just got a friend to go through my hair really well. we work at camp so she's had tons of experience checking people for lice.

and nothing was found except for normal dry skin and such.

any thoughts? are there bugs that look just like lice? or should i get some more people to check?