May 23rd, 2008

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 so i looked into the peace corps today and thats what i want to do after highschool.
ive never wanted to be that kind of person who can sit at a desk in a cubical all day and hate my job.
i want to make a diffrence and i hope i will.

super n00b

i'm brand new to livejournal, this group, and dreadlocks, so this is the debutante ball of posts. my names renee, i'm 18 and the dread babies are 6 days old. awww! haha there's only three because they're a secret from my mom and my work and such, but i strategically placed them so they're easy to show off when it's safe. when they're tighter (and i'm in college aka freedom) i want to dye them three different colors. any ideas?

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