May 25th, 2008

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 how do you get paint out of ur dreads....i was painting and now theres like blood red paint spots all in my hair how do i get them out??ohh and anyy good names for a kitten i cant come up with any

dreads and the stone age

hey all

this is me in a very dark stone age tomb. not only is it dark but its old. really old. older than most countries. 5000 years to be roughly exact and built by some brickys that are quite possibly dead. 

it fact its so old that it fell out of usage in the early bronze age. so there.

me feeling like a giant next to the door for very wee stone age folk

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Pompadour, kinda.

I know I just posted a day or two ago, but I felt like sharing again. I just put it up when I was cleaning in one of those huge hair ties people use as headbands and strategically placed my dreads so it wouldn't show much. I love the humidity for this reason only.

Also, thanks to everyone who favorited me on deviant art. I got my newest photo off of my old computer so now I can share it with y'all! It was a sort of spur-of-the-moment conceptual thing, and since it was late and I was the only person around I opted to just use myself as a model (which I hate doing, but whatevah).
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