May 28th, 2008

its been a while!

these are from a night with my girlfriends... i liked how my dreads were looking :)
i'm going to bleach some and dye some brown on friday, and then i hope to
start rounding my tips....

considering they looked terrible when i first started them (my hair wouldn't back comb well, too much wax...before i knew wax  was bad... yes i was another victim of knotty boy!) and now i totally adore them, and could never imagine not having them.

my mum keeps asking if she can comb one out so she can see what it looks like... i told her to stay away from my head!

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Newbie Alert


i've been lurking on here for a very long time. I've been considering dreads for a long time but i'm not sure about it. right now i'm trying to grow my hair out super long so that it basically can be a blanket or something. i'm not sure if dreads can give me the same fulfillment plus i'm completely psycho about damage on my hair..

geez i need some help
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(no subject)

ok a couple questions, i checked the memories and i didn't see the answers.

1. i want to put extensions in my hair, but human hair is a bit out of my price range. what would you suggest to be the second best in terms of texture, durability and ability to look like human hair dreads?

2. when i did my dreads i wasn't at all precise about the sectioning, so now i have some dreads that are 3x the size of others and i want to split them. i read the entry about splitting dreads and it said that you should not cut but rip. i was wondering why not cut? im afraid that it'll just rip at the root and ill have the same fat dreads but with half the root.

any help would be great, thank you!

No Dreads on the Turtle.

I'm incredibly late for the pet theme, but I figured... why not?

Avy took this pic of Mack, who is a Malayan Box Turtle, last night. He's enjoying a banana. Mack's been my buddy for a long time...

Anyway. That's Mack. He has no dreads, but he does live with me, so I guess that sorta counts.
The Charles

Fresh meat

Before I say anything about myself, I'd just like to say that a lot of you in this community have some beautiful dreads and I'm overly jealous. Heh. 
My best friend dreaded my hair for me about 3 weeks ago and I loved them right away. But silly me, I decided I wanted to dye my hair as well and after dying them I hated my dreads. They just annoyed me. And now after combing out more than half of them, I'm regretting it. So, I'm working on redoing them once the color fades (I'd just dye it but I've dyed my hair far too much lately). 

This is what they looked like though. 

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NPH: Suit up!

Can you tell me I'm normal...?

So my dreadie babies are four months old as of yesterday. Hooray.

The whole deal is... do they look normal? I'm getting a lot of loose hairs and looping, I'm trying my best just to let them do their own thing, by not sewing or crocheting any of them. Just palm rolling & seperating every once in awhile. But I think I might pick up the crochet needle soon to clean them up or save some money to pay Lish to pretty them up for me sometime soon.

I'm just tired of looking like a rat's nest.

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Side note: I started them by backcombing, and a lot of wax. Since then I have tried my best to get all the wax out and not use any more.

Would the wax from before make them this loopy?

bad to good.

janiethenazi asked me to post pictures of my dreads when i first started them,
after seeing my recent post in which i referred to the beginning as a mess...

basically, this post is for anyone who has started dreads, and feels negatively about them...
with each day that goes by, your dreads WILL change, and tighten, and shrink and get fatter.
the key is PATIENTANCE...
just because they don't look like someone elses, which are probably more mature, doesn't mean you need to brush them out and start again...

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the moral of the story? don't become disheartened if your dreads don't look perfect, and don't lose faith.
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