May 29th, 2008

Attention to all Orlando, Florida dreadies

i want to set up a day for all of us to meet up and have a lunch or dinner or something just to chat and make some  new friends.

comment back if your in and we'll decide a place that would fit everyone's likes.

im thinking maybe the pita pit on university and then we can walk next door and go to Natura and hit up a few hookas or something??

let me know.
bear suit

Are you repulsed yet?

Just to give a visual reference to go with my somewhat controversially worded post from Tuesday, this photo was taken mere moments before an unpleasant person referred to my hair as "disgusting" as my girl and I walked by.

There ya go. I'm clearly not fit to be in the presence of humans. What was I thinking, leaving the house in daylight?

For the record, and if you care:
My dreads are 15 (going on 16) years old.
I don't find them heavy, but I guess they would be to someone who hasn't spent the last 15 or so years getting used to the weight.
I've never used wax.
I have, on occasion, considered cutting them (but I obviously haven't).
I flip them off of the bed when I go to sleep so that I don't wake up with a paralyzed neck from laying on my hair.
I don't smoke weed or use any drugs.
I'm not a rasta or a hippie, and I find the smell pachouli unpleasant.
I have a straight, 9-5 job in an office.
I'm generally friendly.
sea gyspy

flakes and itchies

So a while ago I posted problems I had with flakes and itchies.
I bought Tea Tree Bronners, didn't work, itched more,
I bought Neutrogena T-Gel, didn't work and smelled weird
I use various home remedies, apple cider stuff did a good enough job,
and then I switched to regular 'poos.
I finally decide to switch back to bronners,
and BAM the massive itchy and disgusting flakes came back.

I've decided it's the Bronners.
Does this happen to anyone else?
Or does my head just coincidently get itchy and flaky when I use it?
That would be sad, I love Bronners, I was just about
to pick up the Lavender.

Anyone have recommendations for soft / shiny dreads?
I know that sounds silly, but thought I'd check.
Also, has anyone tried to use essential oils in their hair?
NPH: Suit up!

Knotty Boy Tea.

So my friend who just chopped off all her beautiful locks about a month ago gave me some of her knottyboy stuff that she had left over. One of the items she gave me was their "Knot Tea". The instructions are simple, boil the tea and let it set out until it is room temp, then spritz on your locks. Has anyone used this stuff? Is it even worth my time? Thanks for any information.

Anyways on a side note, I was looking for the tea on their site for any reviews or something; and found this 'fab' idea that knotty boy is selling. [end sarcasm]

Recycled T-Shirt Dreadbands

I've seen on here that cutting a tshirt sleeve off an old shirt is a good idea for a headband. But these bitches are selling each 'recycled' headbands for $15 a pop!

I honestly saw this and was appalled that those things go that much.

Talk about making a killing!

I has a pet now!

so I finally get to join the pet theme, having just moved in with an awesome lady and so now we have awesome cats! Rocky, pictured below, is the only male out of four residents, so I've decided that he is one serious player. for realz.

He would look at the camera, and then look away. he does like to cuddle though.

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oh, Pee Ess.

Anyone looking for a ladyfriend? I am single for the first time in two years and it is time for dating again!
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