May 30th, 2008

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Oh poo.

    I attempted to start my dreads tonight, but soon learned after just sort of completing the first row that I was ill. Rather ill. I had a high grade fever and was on the brink of vomiting. I'm doing slightly better now, but in some weird fever-induced something or other, I brushed out the dreads I did. They had amazingly already knotted insanely well, but that figures with my hair. I sleep with it not tied back and I wake up with Cthulhu like tendrils clawing at my face. Now I'm just rambinling.

    In short, I'm rather disappointed physical illness has postponed my dreadiness, but I think it might be better. I can wait till my friend can help me.
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help? :)

oh my hair is 3 inches. i have uncombed all the dreads that havent fallen out from the last time i did this so my hair is super poofy and rough. I have the day off and im in Dallas Texas.

would anyone have the time and or inclination to help me get this done in time for my birthday ? *giggles*

my AIM is CameraObscura83

hit me up!

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So I've completed several more since my last post. WEE.
Still have the back of my head to do-I got
I've asked leakyfishbowl to help and we're trying to figure out a date still.
The ones that I have though have been coming along nicer than my last set. I even went out and bought a felting needle for my dreads.

enjoy the pictures. let me know what you think!

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Oh Hai! I have had dreads for 2 weeks now? hmm..maybe its been 3 ill have to double check =] Anyway i am thinking about "decorating" them. so i was wondering if you could all show pics of what you have decorated your locks with and maybe where you bought beads for them etc....

Oh and my dreads
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