May 31st, 2008

oy oy oy!

i'm so proud of and delighted by my dreadlocks. i can't help but wonder if it's odd or unhealthy to derive so much happiness from the appearance of my (mostly) neglected hairs. 2.25 years and counting.

finally starting to look like a real set of dreads, longer ones are becoming thick and uniformly lumpy, no longer all loopy or loose. bleached the roots last week & followed up with just a bit of punky colours apple green & flamingo pink + a pot of directions silver (worked well on the white white parts, didn't do much for the yellowy post bleach noise. i had expected it to tone a bit better i guess?) unsatisfied with the brassy tones up top, i covered the un-silver roots with a bright rose red from punky colours. left some blonde bang around cuz it makes me feel special : )

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right-o, so. much dreadlock love to all y'all. keep up the good work, kiddies :D
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Hey everyone :) I've been lurking this community for a while, but just today decided to join. I've been thinking for about a year of starting dreads, but I think later this summer or this fall I might actually get around to doing it. My hair is only about 4 inches long currently (and I have a mohawk) but I want to let it get a little longer before I start.

Anyway, yeah. Just wanted to say hi, whatever, everybody's hair looks great :) and I love the memories, it's been really helpful. Yay.

By the way, are any of you lovely people from Ohio, by chance?
feign death

teh big pink,

its been a long time since i've posted, and my hair has undergone a huge change ... i'm pink now! i kinda miss my old brown hair, i dont know. it was all soft and natural ... kind of virgin. now its rough and pink. i dont know how long i'll keep it this way. who knows.

this is kinda picture heavy, i guess you could say.

now, these are morning pictures ... i had just woken up, so i look grumpy.

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i'm moving to PDX in, 45 days. who wants to be BFF?

werd out. <3's.
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wrapping dreadlocks

i was wondering if any of you could teach me how to wrap and decorate some dreads.
if you have some photos that show how, a video, or .. if you could type out some instructions, it would be greatly appreciated.

i have tried before, but failed miserably.

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Another year

My dreads turned 3 a few weeks ago but I wanted to do some maintenance on them before I took some pics because they were a big mess.

And this is to maybe give hope to people with baby dreads. My dreads a month or two after they were born:

And here they are today! (I was trying to have the same face/pose...I failed, it's hard to recreate pictures!)

Not perfect by any means but I think they've improved. :D Also I wanted to add I combined almost all of them, part of the reason they seem so much thicker.

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And if anyone is interested here is my first post from almost day one to about a year and a half (I tested it in my own journal first and forgot to save the GUDU post in my memories). And here is my two year birthday post. Warning: they're both pretty image heavy! :)

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I just got back from sicily a few days ago. it was so gorgeous and my dreads were loving me back because of how dam salty the mediterranean sea is. i swam around, first time all year, and they did get tighter as promised. since i live at the jersey shore, i hope the locks will be a lot kinder to me by the end of the summer. hey anybody here from nj? heres some pics to share from the trip:


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I finally rounded off the tips on my locks - at 18ish months. I think it was quite a good idea to wait, I had a solid end to each of my dreads with mostly just whispy tails, which made them easier to round off neatly.

You can see quite clearly where the blonde is growing through too, and patches where all the black dye is finally coming off. I have a box of dye remover, but my dreads are quite dry at the moment so I'm planning on conditioning them a few more times before I use it - I'm terrified of losing my dreads! Even knowing that someday I'll have to get them trimmed because of the sheer weight and work requirements makes me want to cry inside..
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sectioning vs. not sectioning.

So, I just did my dreads about... 5 days ago. I didn't use a grid, or section. I grabbed sections of hair, backcombed, palmrolled, and twisted the butts out of them. I like the non-grid/sectioning method because i think they look more natural. Also, after they were all put in, i pamrolled the TINIEST SMALLEST bit of beeswax in them just to help with the frizz.

Now, question (I've looked in the memories religiously, and I still havent found what I'm looking for):

What are the pros and cons of sectioning? And the pros and cons of not sectioning?
Which method did you go about when starting your dreads? Do you wish you did it differently, or are you happy with the turnout?
If anyone has pictures of their dreads using the NON sectioning method, it would be suuper helpful!

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Now I know the best thing to do with these babies is to let them do their thang, but is it bad of me to occasionally palmroll or twist some ends?

thank you guyyys!