June 2nd, 2008

I might be a freak...

Ok, I'm all about decorations in my dreads. I've got beads, hemp, a piece of ball chain, and a wire wrap with a charm. But I also have...some of my friends' hair. My best friend has long hair, and he let me cut off a piece. I wove it into my dread. Then, another one of my friends offered me some of his hair, so I added that to another one (he's got gorgeous long blonde hair, looks so pretty up against my boring brown ^_^). Then my roommate offered some of his remaining undreaded hair. My dad even offered some, thought he has yet to deliver.

Anyway, am I a freak for doing this? I browsed the memories but couldn't find anything. I've heard of people collecting dreads from people who cut them off, but does anyone else have hair in their dreads that's not theirs? It's not much different than having alpaca wool needle felted in, but some of my straight-haired friends give me wierd looks when I explain why the tip of one of my dreads is blonde.

Fortunately, if I'm a freak, my roommate must be one too. He's sporting a dread with some of my undreaded hair woven in. Finally got rid of those loose strands, haha.

Five months

Fun with a naked girl, a bathroom, a camera, and a mirror. :-)

My dreads are five months old now. I had a dread-crisis a couple of weeks ago and decided to comb them out. I still have the dandruff issue (since I haven't taken any real steps to address it), so some of my dreads are half salt-and-pepper colored. And I was at Burning Flipside and didn't wear my dreads out. If I'm at a BURN and don't feel comfortable showing off my freaky head, I wondered if maybe it was time to let them go. And I wonder if I just don't have enough HAIR for dreads. I only have about 35 dreads, and they're all thin. I backcombed to start, but since then I haven't really done anything with them. So, frizziness, some weird ends, lots of loose hair, etc.

BUT... I absolutely love my dreads. I often think they LOOK retarded, but I love them anyway, and honestly, I just can't bear to get rid of them. So, forget it. I'm keeping them. At least for now. I imagine I'll probably have a couple more crisises before they finally get mature.

Anyway, pictures! This is me in my bathroom taking pictures in the mirror, so there are some quality issues.


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17 year old dreads

my uncle chopped off his 17 year old dreadhawk a few weeks ago, he did it at a sponsoring event thing and raised almost 4 grand for charity.
here are some pics of it before it got chopped, he's actually really happy with being dreadless, he says he couldnt stand the weight and the strangers fondling them...

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one. nine.

so i went on my first ever pub crawl to celebrate a friend's birthday saturday.

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i'll probably get around to posting more later.

ps. all your support was absolutely amazing. i know i didn't respond much, but i want to at least share i greatly appreciate it.

Question type thing.

I would like to have dreads.
Dreads would be super.
I have a small problem though.
I have very light blonde hair which is always dyed black and when I get blonde regrowth coming through it sort of looks like my hair is thinning/I'm going bald.
I imagine this would look even worse if my hair was in dreadlocks.

What do you think I should do about this?
Should I stop dying my hair and have blonde dreads? [bleaching is not an option though so it would take forever]
Should I try and get my hair to a sort of medium brown and hope the regrowh isn't too noticable?
Should I keep it black and just dye the regrowth extra regularly? [What's it like trying to dye dreadlocks anyway? I've never heard much about that]
Should I stfu and do it already?

I think about things waaaaaaay too much and always end up not doing them.
But I've wanted to have dreadlocks for ages.
And I'll probably be forking out the cash to get it done by a pro.... Just to be on the safe side.

Nighty night.

Weather, working out, and washing. and misc.

I got my dreads done by lishd on the NW coast about two weeks ago while on vacation. I have since made it back home to eastern NC. The weather change is doing something wicked to my scalp. My skin had gotten fairly dry and flaky adjusting to the weather out there, and now I am back someplace very very humid and very very hot. My flakes have turned into something more like... itchy scalp mush. And to make matters worse - I work out and run.

I am continuing with my washing every 3-4 day thing and hoping for the best. I was wondering, for those of you who work out regularly, how often do you wash your scalp/wash your hair and what your routine is like. I am going to start attending a family gym here, so I kind of want to not give a bad impression to folks about dreadlocked people (I don't want to stink or have icky looking hair).

I am looking for a plain green peyote stitch cuff for my hair. Actually, I am looking for a bunch of plain ones in different colors. Where's my best bet to buy some? Or do any of you crafty folk out there make them for sale? I thought about making some myself, since my mother is into jewelry making and has every kind of bead and floss and wire known to human kind, but I am pretty sure that would end in disaster...

Forgive me if this is worded all... wonky and crap. I spent 5hrs 17min 47sec on the phone with Ben yesterday. (Oh, and lishd, provided I have the hair, I will be up there next year for maintenance. Ben and I are officially a couple thing now, after two-and-a-half years of his not so subtle hinting. He reminds me of all your hair care tips from the visit, and I caught him palmrolling my hair for me when we were watching TV one night ZOMG ADORABLE.

...my tl;dr way of saying I am moving out to the Seattle/Tacoma area in the spring.)