June 3rd, 2008

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Semana 3

My friend Christen did some serious maintenance about a week ago, so I should probably be counting from then onward 'cause beforehand I had some barely-knotted hair and a lot of completely loose hair that kept falling out no matter how much I backcombed -- but this time around, almost all of my babies have stayed in and stayed well. : )

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bear suit

Sure, I'll Post Again. Just Try to Stop Me.

Played a show in upstate PA this past Friday...
So, naturally, Avy got more pics.

The band....

Smallerizing the belly... (you may note that my guitar pickguard features a picture of Xavier from his recent ultrasound. That's right--my boy is on my guitar. How many kids can say their dad does THAT for them?)

And the dreadlock money shot for the win...

Ok. That's all...

15 Months

The locks are coming up on 15 months old - in two days. Right now I am not all that happy with them because I have a TON of loose hair and the length is at a really awkward level. I don't do much maintenance, which is probably the problem, but I have a hard time physically doing it myself and I don't know anyone willing to help me.

Anyway, this past weekend, my fiance gave me money to go buy some new dresses. This was a huge thing for me because I never buy "new" clothes. For the last six years I have bought my clothes exclusively from thrift shops and such, but he was right, I needed new clothes, and I needed a confidence boost. Also, I previously would have never bought sleeveless clothes because I am very self-conscious of my arms, but that's stupid to worry about and I am not going to put energy into it anymore.

I know you're all here for the photos anyway, so here we go.

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I love this community and I hope you're all happy and content today!! ♥

Holy shit... 5 months?!

That's almost half a year!  Woah... I just kinda had a brainwave today where I finally realized that they're 5 months old now.  This just seems like a big deal to me... I'm pretty stoked.  That's January.... February... March....April.... May...... yep, 5 months!  

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weekend conversation

So i was in this nightclub at the weekend. as the night rolled on me and a friend decided to go out for a smoke as the music was just too hideous to bare anymore of. standing outside having a conversation i was interupted mid sentence by  this fairly well lubricated young woman in a short black dress and so much fake tan she looked like a bottle of fanta.

her: here you, why do you have your hair like that
me: just 'cause
her: i mean do birds like that. 
me: um. some do (trying desperatly to get back to my conversation)
her: im just sayin, maybe some birds like that but i wouldnt want to go out with a fella with hair like that
me: well its a good job im not trying to chat you up then isnt it.
her: what do you mean? whats wrong with me?
me: well your a bit rude arnt you. and your eyes are a bit crossed
her: wadaya mean? my eyes arnt crossed
me: sorry are you talking to me?

for the record her eyes werent crossed, but they soon became crossed when she tried to think about it. in the ensuing silence we left

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Melbourne Dreadheads

If there are any dreadheads from Melbourne, Australia lurking on GUDU, I need your help!


I'm in the process of making a directory of places and people that do dreads in Melbourne, as I've had such a hard time trying to find places to do maintenance on my dreads. If you have any recommendations, reviews, or experiences please send me an email at the address listed on the website.
-This worm wine

3 years old

yes they are. the one with the hemp swinging in the front right side is the first one i made around this time 3 years ago....

pictures later tonite...for now...a little improvisation on my new shitty dulcimer...its so hard to tune because the fret board bows in the middle...bah...i should really start saving my money to get better instruments...but my cheapies will do for now!

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Hello everyone
I love dreads  - how they look, the concepts behind them, everything -  and usually am very very convinced that I want to dread my own hair but... I simply cannot imagine not having head rubs. Silly as it sounds. 
My hair is about an inch long, max, and has been for a few years now. Every time I get fed up and go to shave it off again I hesitate before I do with the knowledge that dreadlocks are the only reason I would grow my hair out again (it used to be to my mid-back) and that potentially means nobody playing with my hair/head!
Has anyone found this the case? is your head still touchable with dreads? does anyone miss this aspect of undreaded hair?

Another reason I love not having hair is the immediacy of sensation I get from having nothing surrounding my head. Though I think I might get the same sort of primal feeling from dreadlocks.

thanks for any thoughts

i <3 derby

my love/hate relationship with my hair.

You probably don't remember but a few months back I attempted to start my dreads, It took hours of backcombing and sectioning and they STILL weren't backcombed enough.. most of them fell out and I brushed the rest of them out. I had given up for a while until this week when I went swimming. I just rinsed the chlorine out of my hair afterwards and skipped the shampoo and conditioner.

Less than a week of not brushing it or conditioning it(just light shampoo and lots of water and not even running my fingers through it), and it's already sectioning itself out and locking itself up in some places. What the hell. It's like it has a mind of it's own. So I'm just gonna let it do it's thing and make sure it doesn't beaver-tail up. No pictures because I'm at a relatives, but wow. My hair is a bitch. :(

Who else used the negelect method? How long did it take before your hair started sectioning itself? Before it started locking up? (Yes, I read the memories, I was just wondering. :3)