June 4th, 2008


Don't mind me, just venting..

So I work at a place where there are relatively few other black folks. There are, in fact, three black people in my class-myself and two other black men.

Whilst one of them is very high on the creepy scale (and that's a story for my personal LJ), the other apparently used to have long hair and has been spending his spare time coming up to me as I'm browsing LJ/Etsy for dread stuff and telling me how to maintain my hair the "correct" way. These pearls of unsolicited wisdom include:

*Needing to comb out my backcombed dreads and twist them up professionally

*Not attempting to twist the tops when the bottoms are backcombed (My hair is very, VERY curly and grows in a spiral, thus I guess that's where he's gotten the idea that I tried to twist the roots, despite the fact that he SAW me without dreads when I first started working there and knows how my hair grows)

*Needing to go to a lady he knows who is black, from chicago and does dreads really well and get her products put in my hair

*Telling me I'm doing them the slow way because by his knowledge, I should be fully locked in 6 months, not 1 year or more.

This is despite my repeatedly informing him-politely, no less-of the process I used, WHY I used it, and why I'm not using products in my hair. At this point, I'm so done with it, I just want him to go the fuck away and leave me to browse the 'nets in peace. Am I asking too much?

Ohio Dreadheads?

I have had dreads for about 7 years now and I have trimmed them as they've grow thinking that it would be better for my split ends and such, but I really don't know what I am doing. I realized while I was looking for a local locsmith that there may be some dreadheads around Ohio on the site.

So if you are in the Ohio area, or even the PA /KY /IN /MI areas and would like to meetup, lets make it happen. I love seeing you all online, but would enjoy it more if I could hang out with some dreadheads around the area. I also have a home studio so, if you would like to work on some material in person or via the internets hit me up.

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kissing hotties

despair :(

About a week shy of two year old dreads, I looked in the mirror last night and a feeling of hopelessness overcame me. My roots have grown in straight hair a few inches long and I have so many loose hairs lately. I really don't know what to do. I bought a crochet hook awhile back to get the loose hairs but couldn't really grasp how to do it. I really need some help.

There have been days when I get lots of compliments and my dreads feel great and then yesterday, for the first time, I felt so sad that I had no idea what to do with them, I actually thought about cutting them off. Then the thought of realizing it was a mistake and having to start all over again and go through those awkward stages made e want to cry.

I don't really know what to do but I guess I just wanted to hear some support from people who have gone through similar things. If anyone knows of someone who can work on dreads in the Philadelphia area, please please let me know.

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Silent Bob

crochet hooks

So i discovered something interesting....

I bought a really, really small crochet hook to do some maintenance on my hair, and i discovered that they work great for doing the tips!

What you do is insert the crochet hook into the middle of the dread and pull the loose hairs from the tip up into the dread... works great! and i hope to be posting photos soon... try it out, play around with it... see iff it works for you

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X-Posted... Again.

Yes. I know. This shit happens to me far too often. This is part of today's post in my own LJ. Read on for the fun.

So yeah... Good news at the gym--I lost more weight. W00t, as they say.

After the gym, I went to meet Avy at a little restaurant near our place for dinner. I was actually on the phone with my mom when I got out of the car, and I was walking to the door of the restaurant when a guy pulls up next to me in a minivan. I could saee his wife and kids in the van with him. He yells out the window, "YO! How long you been growing them dreads?"

Now, he could see me talking on the phone very clearly--he pulled up next to me on the side where I was holding the phone against my ear. I looked at him, pointed at the phone and gave him the international gesture for "gimme a sec because I am on the phone" (i.e. the ol' index finger to indicate "one sec).

He stared at me like he never saw a cell phone before in his life. Clearly his extremely important needs were not being met.

I looked at him, asked my mom to hold on and said, "Sir, I am on the phone right now. Please give me a minute."

So this dickmonkey starts yelling, "Oh, excuuuuuse me... I didn't know you were a MOVIE STAR! I didn't know you were FAMOUS, ya fuckin' ASSHOLE!"

Classy. With his kids and wife in the car, no less.

I said, "OK, whatever," and started walking away...

"YOU DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME!" he starts screaming.

In the meantime, my mom's saying, "Who's that talking to you? What's going on?"

Finally, I excused myself from my conversation with my mom, put the phone on my shoulder and said, "Dude. Go fuck yourself."

Of course, Mr. Classy doesn't take kindly to this and starts screaming, "OH YEAH? Hey, SUCK my FUCKIN' DICK!"

I kept walking. Not fun.

In retrospect, I wish I had either ignored him or walked away without saying anything. Someday, someone's going to fucking kick my ass or kill me for mouthing off.

Frizzy help

So I went back and read the memories and things, but I was wondering if anyone had something they could recommend to help tame the frizzy the best way they have found, my dreads just hit the nine month point and they are looking really nice, I was just wanting a bit more hold in them to pull some of the loose hair back into them, but I loathe the idea of putting any wax or gels into them. Help?? Adivce?? Comments??


Yes, I read the memories. i couldnt find what i was looking for.
i said a few posts back that i have a few friends who want their hair done, and since i am in beaty school, im the one doing them!
i would love to lock everyones hair in my spare time, but i know time is money, and i dont want these guys (yes, all guys) to think i will do their hair from now on for free.
i'm not planning on charging an arm and a leg, just enough to pay my transportation to their house and back, plus materials (combs, clips, elastics etc) and food.
A local (african) salon that does locks starts at 70$ (canadian).
What should I charge these guys? (hourly/per inch of legnth???)


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I'm tired of messing with my hair. I've been toying around the idea of dreads and backcombed a few baby dreads to see how my hair would like it. They've locked up better than I could have anticipated with my taking full advantage of beautiful Tennessee weather and swimming as much as possible. Whenever I stop being lazy, I'm going to do my whole head. I'm stoked! :D

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This community was the driving factor after the idea came into my head.
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Day 5 Ok so this is me JoJo. 
Day 5, already in <3 with my dreads!! so many options. They are still so young and i know they will only get better with time. I am enjoying looking at all the diff pics of the peeps with dreads... its like ah now thats nice! So my summer is off to a great Start.

Wash #3

#1 - Dr. Bronners Peppermint bar - EURGH.
#2 - Mild green *sing along*... Fairy Liquid (apple) - Nice, but weird, and my roots have now knotted up like a bitch :(
#3 Lush's Karma Shampoo bar - I am in love. Though am currenly in the process of ripping roots apart from eachother (see #2)

I'll post pics in a week or so. You might remember my dreads being all big and poofy? We'll you'd hardly recognise them now! They've gone all flat and skinny :/ Dunno whats happening, but I'm just going with it. Must keep an eye on these damn roots though, they are driving me mad.