June 5th, 2008


I'm sure there have been many similar posts before, but I have to rant over
stereotypes momentarily. I work in a frame shop, and was working with a
woman in her early thirties with a Stevie Wonder poster earlier today.

The whole time I am helping her, she continuously drops comments and
insinuations related to drug use. I have never touched pot or anything else
in my life, and do not intend to. It's just not my cup of tea.

So after several minutes of her chuckling "youknowwhatimean-winkwink-nudgenudge" crap,
I looked at her and asked point-blank what she was getting at and why she thinks
I would be interested.

She stops, and her jaw literally drops open. Now she's gaping at me like a bloody fish.
A few seconds later, she recovers, laughs, and says
"Well, you know, dreadlocks and all. It's obvious what your tastes are!"

I could've slapped her. Thankfully, years of conditioning from working in the retail market
have left me able to bite my tongue, smile, and play nice with nasty/rude customers.
But inwardly, I was seething.

While I understand that many people do associate dreads with marijuana,
it still irritates me that they would make an assumption about me because
of my appearance, and voice it in such a blatant manner.

< / mini-rant >

Okay, I'm better now.
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Five Months...

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I haven't done any maintenance for probably almost three months now... and I do REALLY need it haha. But even though I've got a messy mop of hair on my head, I'm still way more confident about myself with the dreads than I ever was without. I wouldn't change them for anything =) ...well, except maybe for a double mohawk (I miss mine). Maybe someday I'll go for a dreadhawk!


The main point of this post was to see if there are any dreadies out there who are anywhere near Lincoln, NE. I've really been wanting to expand my friend base lately. To be completely honest, I've become fairly apathetic towards many of my current friends. I've changed a lot these past couple of years, and so have they. It's to be expected.
So if any of you out there are in the midwest, let me know! Let's be dread buddies ^_^

<3 to you all,
The Charles

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So I've started to slowly start redreading the hair I'd combed out. And I've started 2 new dreads. The first one is a bit loss but doing good and the second one that I did today could possibly be my new favorite. It's a bit of a fattie and it's real tight. 

I wanted to ask though, I don't use any special dread shampoo when I wash mine. I was my hair 2 or 3 times a week and I just use regular shampoo, I was planning on getting this Neutrogena stuff my friend got that is anti residue. But other than that is there really a difference between regular shampoo and special dread friendly shampoos? 

Other than that I'm not going to try to do much to mine, let them go naturally, right now I barely even palm roll them that much. =)

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