June 6th, 2008

My first attempt

At dreadlocking someone else's hair. His hair was pretty short, but it still took me a good 4 hours. Because I'm a friend and I've never done it before, I didn't charge him.

Before. His hair is straightened there, naturally it's pretty wavy. Fairly thick hairs, but a bit thinner at the back. You can see how short it is, generally pretty short.

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What are people's thoughts? Any ideas on how I could improve them, or anything I could have done not quite right? He's completely aware of my inexperience doing other people's hair.
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Newb here!

So this is my first post to the community. I am really enjoying reading all yor dready stories and learning a ton about what dreads are all about.
Mine are almost three weeks old, I did them all myself so they are a little uneven and kooky,,,, still very young and in a lovely rats nest stage. I am having some trouble with loose hair but I am hoping that it will incorporate into the other dreads eventually
here is my before picture

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cheers to all my dreaded buddies!!

dread issues

i am having some issues. not major, but issues nonetheless.

1. my mother in law hates them. this wouldn't be so bad and i normally could care less, but we're living there and she takes care of my daughter. in a way, i at least have to listen to her talk about how unpretty they are.

2. tension between my MIL and my dreads have caused my hubby to be a bit negative. he'd like me to conform to her. i say we just move out and she can kiss my butt.

3. frizzies and lumps look very unprofessional. i understand it's part of the growing process and my hair's still evolving. it's just that i have an interview for a city job in a month or so... i'm stressing a bit. thankfully the place i'm working at now is VERY casual and they don't mind my hair. i'm worried they'll shoot me down during my interview solely based on my hairstyle. i've got major financial stuff to take care of, so landing this job is oh so important...

4. i've read through the memories, i've been palmrolling daily, separating the dreads, taking care of them to the best of my ability. my problem is that i think the best of my ability is somewhere between retarded and incompetant-- i've never been the type to fuss over my hair, i used to just gather my hair up in a pony tail and go (i've never been able to do other hairstyles... i just... can't.) so anyway, i feel like my dread development is hella behind other peoples' who've had their dreads for the same amount of time. i dunno. i'm just getting discouraged.

5. last night i had a dream about my hair being straightening-iron-straight. i woke up a bit freaked out. thinking back on my dream, my straight long hair was gorgeous but i think i should stick out the dread thing to the end. i don't consider myself someone who leaves things unfinished. i am not a quitter. maybe it was my subconscience regretting/missing the old hair or being afraid of what's to come with the new hair...

sorry this post is incredibly long. just had to let it out. thanks for reading this rambling...
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Hey everybody!
My dreads are getting quite long,
actually all of my hair does
and now i'm doubting about cutting a piece off my dreads...

i don't have much picture's of myself
but here are two




new dreads

wow haha sooo ive done alot with my hair
i dyed it alot
got pretty cool cuts
but i got alot more now!

I dreaded my hair now!!

hopefully they'll look good in a couple weeks!
haha i look like Sideshow Bob =]]]

do you think they'll come out ok?
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sorry for all the questions!

i have yet an other person saying she wants dreads!
her parents dont want her to get them, but they will allow her to test them out for a couple days, to see if they could possibly accept them.
i dont want to spend a whole bunch of time backcombing only to have to take them out, and possibly dammage her hair.
is there a way i can help her test out some dreads, that wont take a whole bunch of time, or dammage the hair much.
i was thinking just taking gel and rolling the hair into spaghetti-like strands so they sort of look like dreads.
any suggestions?