June 8th, 2008

second dreads i've created.

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my life model from college asked me to dread her hair.
her hair was only about 3/4inches, but it worked... i've left the rubber bands in and told her
to take them out in a few days.
okay so they don't look like dreads yet, more dread balls, but they will :)
i just used the backcombing method, no wax.

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So no shit....

There I was in the middle of this huge theater. This kid, and I say that because he was at max 13 years old, walks up to me with no qualms and ask, "Hey do you know where I could get pot?" I was floored. I am used to older people asking, but this one was waaaay young. I responded simply, "No, I wouldn't have any idea." Then the next question almost made me cry I laughed so hard, "Well aren't you a Rasta??" I responded simply, "No sweetie I am not a rasta." He seemed so confused so utterly confused. I took pity on him and continued, "I like dreadlocks and you don't have to be of any religion to have them. One day you could even have them." He seemed a lot less shocked after that.

Yet another mind blowing experience in Texas.

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So, last week I drove home to Yellowknife, all by my self. I'm quite proud seeing as how i'm quite the wimp and it was a 22 hour drive and I did it without, well, dying. I of course took various pictures.

So first, I sat beside a waterfall and smoked a joint.
This is alexandra falls, it's aboutttttt 3? hours north of the Alberta Border? Ish?

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So, thats my trip, so far.
I start my new job tomorrow, I have my own office and everything. We'll see how she goes. I will update soon, with more pictures of Taryn and I, and more dready goodness. I know this isn't really relevant haha, but I just wanted to spread some naturelove. Whee!

and, of course, I shall be x-posting this to my own journal.