June 10th, 2008

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My boyfriend works for the city and they're making him say peace out to his less than one month old dreads. He can't even brush them out and have longish hair, it all has to go.

Any dread collectors want some half black half blonde baby dreads from a crazy recovering drug addict with a good heart? They have wax in them but they're still good, and the ones in the front have hardened up so well.

I'm sad to see them go but he has a family to support.

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greetings from a couple of gypsy pixies! we're are floating around the bay area with nothing to do until the 14th. is anyone around there and want to hang out? maybe even use your shower? we make really good chocolate chip pancakes. :)
i <3 derby

drying/tightening agents?

I checked the memories and didn't find much about drying hair out. What I've gathered is that clean, dry, frizzy hair is the best to start dreads. So I've been washing my hair with various non-moisturizing things like using only shampoo that doesn't have moisturizing or de-frizzing stuff in it. I had a conversation the other day with a girl who's brother has dreads and she told me he uses dawn dish soap on his hair. Would that work? Sounds weird. And for the tightening agents, should I use pure lemon juice or dilute it with some water? Sorry this post is so erratic, I'm multitasking like a motha'.