June 11th, 2008

Dreaded my friend <3

My friend Will (whom I work with) asked if he would look good with dreads.
While I'm slightly biased, I told him he would look amazing.
So he asked me to dread his hair.
I did it over the course of the last week (we had to do several short sessions because of our work schedules+his curfew). His hair is really thick and soft, which meant a lot of work for me. I mostly back-combed and palm-rolled, with a very small amount of felting and crochet. He wanted slightly fatter dreads- I think the final count was around 30 for his whole head.

So here's pictures! Isn't Will adorable?

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One of his classmates heard about his dreads and said he wanted them too. So I agreed to do Tom's (very fine, thin) hair. Sadly, he ignored everything I told him and scrubbed them in the shower the day after. Of course, they loosened up- some even came almost completely undone. So he shaved them off. ::fist shake:: But here's what they looked like before.

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a sad realization

so ive decided that i have hair that is damaged beyond what i want to do with it. i currently have very faded purple/blue/pink dreads, and i wanted to go red, so i bleached a test dread, and after washing it out, my dread was white, transparent and feels like a bunch of old elastics and breaks like them. so ive decided to just dye my hair back to its brown color so that i dont have to worry about it anymore.

im nervous because i haven't been a brunet in 5 years

i wanted to know if you guys know any permanent dyes that would add the least amount of damage to my hair.

thank you

::edit:: after reading lishs hair page, she mentioned a product called aphogee, anyone else use this?


Hiya! I first tried to dread my hair myself, and it really, really didn't work out well. Would anyone happen to know of a stylist in the Seattle-ish area who does it? And around what does it usually cost?


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Hello everyone! I am on day 3 of my dreads and I would like to share some pictures with everyone :]

Update: I added two new pictures

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Okay so I have backcombed like crazy and will be putting up new ones soon. I'm very happy with how they turned out.
Oh and how long should I wait to wash these babies?
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 ive had dreads (if thats what you call them) for almost 4 months.
the person who back  combed them i think did it wrong becuse they keep falling out even though its been 4 monthes i really love them but they just arnt right and i dont know what to do so pices of hair are just normal and people keep telling me my dreads are falling out and i dont know what to do
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So... I'm looking for summer work, and this old folks home called me all excited that I wanted to work for them, set up a time for an interview, told me they wanted someone who could start work on Friday. When I got there they looked me over and told me they couldn't interview me because they "didn't think the residents would be comfortable with my physical appearance."
In other words, Holiday Retirement Corporation is... lame. To say the least.

The Funk

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I got a new couch, it's red!  And kinda fuzzy  
And my dreads are still messy...
But I'm okay with that!
It's all gooood
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Ps..... Does anyone have any experience with scarification?  I'd like to know what they are.  I'm very seriously considering it for the future.