June 13th, 2008


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So I am wondering how everyone deals with flat dreads. I saw one entry in the memories section, but a broader response is what I need. I have some flat ones in the back underneath, pretty much outta sight, but they are still kinda bothering me, should I comb them out since my dreads are only three weeks? or should I leave them. I know the memories post said to palm roll them, but since my hair is kinda short and its a pain to try and palm roll properly back there, I was wondering if they will just round up on their own?
I love this comm. you guys are all awesome dreadies!!!
oh and some pictures, whilst I was messing with the settings on my webcam.

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Dready ponderings..

I found myself pondering my length today. Normally, I see all these pictures of other dreaddies with major shrinkage and my hair hasn't seemed to have shrunk much at all. I was disappointed until I noticed....about a half inch of new growth is locking up and there's another half-inch that's not at all dreaded at the roots, but the body of some of my dreads is very tight, and tightening in the direction of the roots.

So let's recap: an inch worth of growth, with half of it locking. But my hair has remained the same length.

Answer? My hair *is* shrinking, but is also growing fairly fast and the two are offsetting each other...otherwise I would have noticed more shrinkage.

Yes? No?


I never really used any hair products before I had dreads but I was crazy about conditioner, and having really shiny hair.
I feel like my hair is way less shiny now that it is 2 months and 11 days dreaded. I kinda miss having shiny hair, and it was the conditioner that really did it.
Is there any way to add shine to dreads without using conditioner? I've used two shampoos that claimed to add shine but they sucked. :o

Its been a month!

Lots of pics under the cut.Im not kidding. Some of the dreads are younger than others because a few have fell out over the last few weeks. I still have some loose hair at the very bottom. I had to push my hair up in all of the pics because i was wearing a bandanna today and my hair was slicked back..haha!

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Another odd Dread Story...

On Thursday I had my last final of the term. Mentally exhausted, I lit up a cigarette as I walked out of the classroom. Then, out of nowhere, this guy with dreads walks up to me and our conversation went something like this:
Him: Hey, can I ask you a question?
Me: Uh, sure...
Him: Well, ya see, I need some cash to get some gas to get to Seattle.
Me: ...
Him: So I've got some MDMA in my pocket that I'm tryin' to get rid of.
Me: :: takes drag of cigarette ::
Him: Do you think we could help each other out?
Me: Um, I really don't like X.
Him: Well, I've also got some Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds that'll make you see fuckin' rainbow puddles for hours.
Me: I'm not really looking to do any of that stuff right now.
Him: I understand. I just thought I'd try to hook a dreddie sista up.

Seriously? REALLY? I have dreadlocks, therefor I MUST take copious amounts of hard drugs. From strangers.