June 14th, 2008

black & white

but i want them NAO

i want to just wake up with fully formed, mature dreads. is there like.. a pill i can take? maybe a little before bed prayer ritual perhaps? i really don't want to go through the puffy side show bob stage. maybe i'll just do a few at a time and also just let it go natural, maintaining it as i go along...?

anyway. here, let this be your excuse to post ridiculous amounts of pictures of yourself. i want to see different hairstyles with dreads. tams, headbands, etc. 1, 2, 3... go!

Edit: just now, talking to a friend via AIM:

Me: i'm dreading my hair
Him: well when you lack shampoo and a consistent showering facility, i guess that's your only option. you're going to smell bad, you know.

Sigh. Fuck your face, idiot.

Edit, ver. 2:

this guy amuses me.
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i have posted a lot in the last couple of days, but this one is definitely necessary.

I've always loved dreads. I remember watching some show on t.v. when i was a kid (probably about nine or 10) about the hippie movement and i remember seeing a gorgeous woman with long auburn dreads and thinking that she was the most beautiful, feminine, enchanting woman i had ever seen. When i was about 15 i volunteered for the boys and girls club at the elementary school and the lady who was my pseudo-boss had awesome dreads and i lusted after them every day after school. i got my best friend at the time to start dreading my hair in the gym one day at intermurals. she got about three done before the coach said it was against school policy. so instead of saying fuck you to the man, i brushed them out. oh, if i had only known i would start home schooling that year! aaaanyway, i am now 22 and am soon to be embarking on a cross country journey. i finally feel like it's time to start my journey of dreads too. as of about five minutes ago, i am the new and proud owner of my very first dread! i did it myself. lossa backcombing and no wax.

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So what do you guys think. looking good so far? at the moment i have an amazing 3 done. i stopped in the middle of writing this and did some more. man i am in love with them already. i feel such affection towards my hair, this is new.

sorry so long winded. for once i actually felt like... saying words.

EDIT: upon further inspection i am afraid i'm making them too thick, as i want them to end up about like this:

i know they will tighten up over time.. but.. what do you think?
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Pork and dreads?

Last night a couple of guys came into my shop. They were asking me a lot of questions. They started asking about my dreads. This is how it went:

Guy: Are those dreads?
Me: Yes they are.
Guy: Are they natural?
Me: Well, my friend did them for me, but there's nothing in them. No wax or anything.
Guy: That's good. They look good. Do you eat pork?
Me: Uh, no I don't eat meat, I'm a vegan.
Guy: Good. *leaves with his equally weird friend*

I'm certain that by pork he didn't mean anything dirty, but he was definitely linking it to dreads somehow. What does eating pork have to do with dreads? Can someone inform me, please?


ahh . i have no pictures to post at the moment but a picture post is coming up. i tipped ALL my dreads today and they look SO good. so damn good. so delightfully fine. rad. stupendous. to say the least i am experiencing MAJOR dreadlove at the moment and my family is sick of me flipping my dreads in their face. hahaha. so i know you would all understand those moments when you are so full of love for your dreadlocks that you have to flip them around and dance. i want to take them out on the town but they are stranded at home. sigh. well, hope all your dreadlock adventures are happy.
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