June 15th, 2008


i can has purples now!

hello y'all, remember when i dyed my dreads pink? yeah, it was a painful reminder to how much i dislike light colored hair on my head. mistake.

my boyfriend made the suggestion that i dye my tips black and the rest a bright red. i decided i liked purple better.

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i dont know how much any of you care, but i'm (not from here, just living here) in iowa right now and if you haven't heard, the flooding out here is insane. i took some pictures. thankfully i live right on top of one of the highest spots in iowa city. iowa city isn't as bad as cedar rapids ... but the university got hit pretty bad, and out of all the buildings it was the arts and music buildings, pretty sad.

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The Charles

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I decided to dread the rest of my hair.
Last time I posted I only had 11 in the back which are now about a month old.
The new dreads are 5 days old now. =)
33 total dreads. 

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I did all of my new dreads by myself so there wasn't much thought put into sectioning.
Just mainly grab-n-dread.
And I had a question.
Is it normal for dreads to already start trying to combine 3 days into it?
I had two that were attempting to combine on my third day so I seperated them.
But yeah, I have a lot of maintanance that'd need doing.
So if there's anyone in the Baltimore area who'd like a couple bucks, let me know. 

I know it's off topic too but has anyone ever drank absinthe? If so, what was your feelings on the experience and what brand did you try?
My friend and I are getting 2 bottles for our vacation, so we're researching the best kind to get. =)
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On fri. i went and hung out with some good friends. We had a fire, a spodi (sp?),some sailor jerry's rum :DD, I went for a run with my friend jon(sometimes we like to just take off and start running:P),good ganja,and badass fri the 13th !
here are some pix :)
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Dreadlove pictures

ok, so when i was in love with my hair i took pictures... lol. here they are. ♥♥ 

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and done! this is a lot of pics. wow hope you enjoyed. 
P.S. they are 10 months old and the pics were taken last night. ♥♥
Beth ♥ 
edit: xavier was feeling left out so thats him, the one who took the pictures. (my camera) he does a very nice job don't you think?
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3 weeks

I dyed most of the blonde black, well all of the dreaded bits are black.

Also, everyone, your hair is lovely. Stay dready. Anyone have any striped dreads? With dye or bleach.. not wool?

more pics under le cut:
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