June 16th, 2008


i'm scared.

ok so while in the bathroom under harsh lighting conditions i noticed that there are little white spots ALL OVER MY NEW DREADS. i quickly realized this was horrible breakage after just touching it and it and the end fell off. now, these white spots go all up the individual hairs. i'm afraid my dreads are just going to break off once they tighten.

am i palm-rolling too much? back-combing too vigorously(i dont think it's this)? should i stop being a whiny scared baby and shut up and just finish my frickin' dreads already?

EDIT: pics in comments.

otherwise they're looking pretty awesome if i do say so myself. i've got about 23 done i think. i'll post pics when i'm done, which should be tomorrow.
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We went camping this past weekend in Cascade Idaho.
It was totally amazing, camped at the edge of the lake and though it wasn't as secluded and rustic as I would prefer, it was a great intro to camp life for my son.
The weather was fantastic, not a cloud in sight the whole time we were there.
ate totally yum vegetarian campfire food.
I want to go back right now.

On a more dready related note, I had my hair under a home made t-shirt wrap almost the whole time to prevent bugs from getting in my hair, and when I took it off I noticed that I had a case of the flakey scalp, so I am going to hightail it to the store for some t-gel.

pictures of course.

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doing this shoot was like the most fun i've had in ages =D
It was shot by my lovely friend and partner in dreadie business Kay and i got to do it with my awesome tattooist Degs (body vandal tattoos)
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Oh and also i now have a dreadie myspace going:

hope you all have a nice monday :]
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Hi everyone! I'm Lexxi!
I'm 15 and from Utah.
Anyway, my dreads are 10 days old today.
I'm having trouble keeping them looking nice and compact. What's the problem?
I roll them, (but i hate it hella bad. upkeep blows)

How long do you think until they will look decent?

One love, Kenya

My first post...

My name is Jenn and I've had dreads for 2 years and 8 months.  I had extensions briefly and have cut my dreads a couple of times, but now I am pretty content with how they look.  I would like to have some maintenance done, but I just moved to Western Massachusetts and don't know of anyone around here, any suggestions?  Also, is anyone here going to Jam Cruise by any chance?  It'll be my first year going and I'm getting excited already!

This was last summer when I was working in Kenya and still had extensions.
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