June 17th, 2008

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scalp problems are ruining my dread-experience!

I'm so frustrated and sad right now. I've had my dreads for a little over a year now, and I love them so much. They are really coming into their own, and despite a large amount of loose hair, I love the way they look. They're even finally starting to get longer.

But my scalp is driving me frigging nuts. I've always had dandruff (the oily kind, not the dry flakey kind) and I knew that dreads would be a challenge, but they're a challenge I am starting to tire of. My head is constantly itchy, and no remedy I try (various shampoos, 'poo free, tea tree oil, etc) seems to be truly effective.

Also, most of my dreads are quite fat, some with roots that span large areas of my scalp. The scalp underneath those roots is HEINOUS, and the vigorous scrubbing required to get them even partially clean is fucking up the dreading of the roots. I'm at a point where mild scratching on any part of my scalp [THIS IS GROSS] yields a fingernail full of gunk, even if I've washed my hair recently.

I'm not really asking for advice (though if anyone has any wisdom, please share it!), mostly I just wanted to vent. I've read the memories thoroughly many times, and have tried many different things. I am very close to giving up and cutting them off. I truly don't want to, but I'm sick of the dandruff, and sick of being self-conscious about how gross I am.

I always intended to keep these dreads 5+ years, and I fear that if I cut them I will never start new ones. Also, there are many people in my family, and friends of mine as well, who dislike my dreads and have been very upfront about their desire for me to cut them off. Now, I would never keep my dreads just to prove them wrong. But at the same time, if I cut my dreads off I will be sad about it, and I'm really not looking forward to people telling me how happy they are about it, and that they hated my dreads all along, and I look so much better without them, etc. It'll feel like them spitting in my face. "Oh, you're sad? Well, get over it, we all thought you were crazy to begin with" etc etc.

I feel like I'm going to have to come to a conclusion about this very soon or I'll go nuts. Bah.
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so note the brunette behind me, though you can't see it, is holding like 10,000 in 20's. saying things like "man, what would happen if someone stole this?" maybe you shouldn't count that much money in a public place? that's just me though! ha!

also, this is the headband i snagged from my housemate. it's sort of awesome living in a place for the summer where it can randomly be 35-40 degrees at night.
they are 4.5 months :)

thank you for the maintence jamie!!!!!!
she rounded some tips and tightened some up.

i broke my camera... i can't wait to have an update of where i've been living and such... and my dready soul sister shack mate. :-D
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If you see someone with really awful new dreads- you know like covered in wax and rubber bands- how do you react? would you start a conversation with them and try to get them to fix them up, or just sort :::headesk:::.
There are a few people around town I've seen with wax in their hair and bands... I want to sort of start a dread outreach program with gypsy88!!!!
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well my dreads are 7 months, and i just dyed them brown last night. im gonna stop with the dying and such until they're longer, dying them is a bitch when there's roots like crazy. so i went out and bought a crochet hook, and i've been playing with it..i seem to make more loops than there is but i think practice will make perfectly round dreads for me.

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Back from Bonnaroo

So I got home from Bonnaroo this morning at 3 and let me tell you, driving from Tennessee to Maine after 4 days of craziness and two days before that of driving is hectic. Anywaysss I have a couple of pictures...my dreads are about a week old now. I got a little worried about them in the car because so much wind was blowing on them which caused some loose hairs but I still love them :)

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They're a little loose right now..I'm hoping they start to get better, today my mom asked why on half my head was dreaded :(

Hope you're all having fabulous days!

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when i first got dreads i got a kit from dreadheadhq and they said that i had to were a shower cap every time i took a shower ive had dreads for almost 5 monthes do i still have to keep doing this?????