June 19th, 2008


I mentioned before in someone's thread that I'd been feeling really paranoid about the build-up on my scalp and the little bits of dandruff I was experiencing (nothing too serious).  Tonight I showered using DreadHead shampoo and I didn't hold back with vigorously scrubbing my scalp.  When I say vigorously, I mean with the tips of my fingers and not with my nails of course.  It's amazing what doing this did for my scalp.  It feels so clean and my head feels so much lighter now!  I've been stuck in the mindset that I have to be really gentle with washing my dreads, even though they are no longer in the very eary stages of formation.  So now I'll definately be giving my head a good massage and scrub from now on.  

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Funny sidestory....I had a bar of Knotty Boy Shampoo.  I was using it on my dreads only every other/third wash because of the residue that I found it left on my dreads.  I was still using it because it really did wonders for tightening my hair and the residue was more of a feeling that would go away within a day anyways... In spite of my infrequent use, I was noticing that the bar was disappearing from the side of the bath-tub really quickly... I kind of ignored it until there was none left... I asked my sister if she knew what had happened to my dread soap bar... and her face went all funny and she said "that was your shampoo?!  I've been using it as soap!"  Ack... I can't imagine how gross her skin must have felt after using it.... but she said she loved it and had no idea that it wasn't regular soap.  Dunno how she could not notice something wierd was going on heh.  Has anyone else used this stuff and found that it leaves your dreads feeling funny?    

***Just a side-note that I've added to this entry: 
I'm in Canada, and so if anyone knows of any alternatives that I can find specifically in Canada... I'd love to hear them :)



after about a week i finally finished my head. i am the proud owner of 46 dreads! yay! it took forever and my arms are quite sore, but here ya go. quite image heavy.

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i promptly cut the turtle neck off of one of my sweaters to get them the hell out of my face for a minute. after a week of hair tied up in eleven different pony tails all getting in my face and driving me mad.. yeah i need a break.

but i love my fuzzy head!

lish, i'll be in seattle july 21st, maybe you can clean 'em up a bit for me then. let us discuss this further!

now i'm gonna lay down and rest my back.
The Charles


 This really isn't anything important but I've washed my dreads once since I've had them (a whapping 9 days now) but since I have yet to get any shampoo I'd done a water/baking soda rinse. Which for anyone who might think of doing it, works pretty well. My dreads haven't gotten really greasy even though I've been working out almost everyday but that could also be because for the past 2 months I've kinda gotten my hair used to not really being washed too often since I'd run away and could only shower once in a while where I was at. But I just ordered my shampoo online from Dr.Bronners and I'm so excited! I ordered 4 different shampoos (2 bars, one peppermint, one tea tree. 2 liquids, one lavendar and one rose) along with shaving cream and lip balm. I can't wait to actually scrub my scalp because the itching I've been having is killer. It's not really frequent just mostly when I'm about to fall asleep my dreads get itchy. 

I was just excited and felt the need to share! Heh. 

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I hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

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2.5 monthsish

Okay, so I haven't really made any updates since I started my dreads... I keep forgetting to take new pictures.  But I was bored last night and decided to scan my dreads 'cause they look so awesome scanned, and then I was like "Why not post them on GUDU?"  :D  So voila, my dreads!

I'm not altogether sure how to post pictures, so I hope this works!  :D

009.jpg Dreads, favorite image by erisedrhapsodic
This is my favorite pic from the first night, right after I completed my ripping and twisting.  They look just like twisty braids, but I promise they're dreads!  :D  They were born on April 4, 2008.
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I really need to take some new pictures, and when I do I'll be sure to post them.  :D
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split root

I've got one dread that's starting to split at the root. Is this because it's trying to section itself naturally? In your experience, has this problem resolved itself in your hair or did you have to actively do something about it?

My dreads are 25 days old, so still very young, and I realize that most dread problems are solved with time. I didn't know if this was one of them, and thought it best to ask.

There is an entry on this in the memories, but that person was flipping dreads through their roots and I'm not.

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ZOMG Bugs 0_0

So, I've got lice. So does my dready roommate. Yes, I looked through the memories. I read all about the many ways to treat lice, ranging from rubbing alcohol to mayonnaise. There seemed to be a lot of hype about something called Delacet. Unfortunately, I'm located in the US and after about 30 minutes of searching for someone who would ship it here, I'm starting to lose hope. Has anyone in the US successfully bought any Delacet? If so, where did you buy it from? I can't seem to find anything. :(

EDIT: I couldn't wait, so I ran to Walmart and bought their cheapest lice product. It's oily and I'm concerned it's going to ruin my dreads, but I can't handle the infestation. If it doesn't work, I'll try something else.

Also, have two cats, a dog, and a friend's dog I'm babysitting. Do I need to worry about them being infested too?

EDIT AGAIN: Ok, apparently pets can't get lice. Good. So here's my next question: How much Delacet should I buy to treat three people?