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[21 Jun 2008|12:26am]

when i got umCollapse )
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returning from the dead. [21 Jun 2008|01:23am]
Hello all! It has been a while since I've posted. I actually had dreads in high school and chopped off my dreads prematurely. I was not quite ready to get rid of them but alas 7 or 8 months into it, I took a pair of snips and arggg! Nooow, I've grown my hair back out and I'm going to lock it up in the near future. Anywho, I'm here to pop my head in the door and wave. You guys have motivated me to get another set and KEEP the this time. I'm posting some pictures of my old set and my hair now just so this isnt a boring text only post.

and partly it's the boots but..Collapse )
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one step further. [21 Jun 2008|02:03am]
two years in september.

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2nd day of dreads. [21 Jun 2008|12:00pm]
Day 2

any tips I may need to maintain them? I know nothing about dreads really..

my friend did them for me.
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knitting is fun! [21 Jun 2008|04:56pm]
I knitted myself a couple of hats from this pattern ready for the winter since my dreads already don't fit well in a beanie and they will be longer come the cold weather so that problem will be worse.

I used Mirasol Hacho in no.309 for the purple and pink one and Manos Del Uruguay silk blend in no.7325 for the green and blue one. They do up with a wooden toggle at the back. I added a few cables to the blue/green hat to make it more interesting.

more!Collapse )
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7 months :) [21 Jun 2008|04:59pm]
I decided to round the tips of some of my dreads, more as an experiment than anything else..

here they are before:

..and afterCollapse )
(the before/after pictures were taken a day apart)

I didn't do the ones on the back of my head because it'll take a while, and I don't want my efforts to be wasted if they all decide to unravel when I next wash them. If the ones I've done last, then I'll do the rest. :)

much love xxxx
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Gone! [21 Jun 2008|07:48pm]
So I just got my dreads cut out. It was really spur of the moment, but I'll admit that I was thinking about it for the last month or so. I just happened to have the guts to do it today. I'll miss them, and it wont likely be the last set I'll ever have. It feels good to be able to comb my hair again though...

Thanks to everyone here for all the posts and advice I picked up from reading everything. Too bad I barely ever took the advice and ended up with some pretty gnarley tips.
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[21 Jun 2008|11:46pm]
Did I ever tell you guys I got the job I interviewed for?
I had posted a poll a month ago or so asking what hairstyle you liked best.
I had a ponytail and a thick black headband and I got hired at Kohls. In the shoe department.
It's all right. I like shoes. :P And I get health, vision and dental, even part-time. Seriously.
So, yes, this store is dread-head-friendly. At least the Ann Arbor, MI, location is. :)
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