June 22nd, 2008


yes i would like some fucking cheese with my WHINE

i just washed my head.
a bunch of my dreads have come completely undone at the root... about 6 inches of them... but tight as hell at the bottom. if i re-backcomb they will surely just completely break apart into pieces and then laugh at me.
some of the ends are breaking off into a million tiny pieces at the bottom.
my head still itches.
i have the urge to just comb them all out but i know i will regret that decision.
some of them are so very loose but they have a million teeny tiny knots in them, so that if i try to re-backcomb they just break apart.

that is all.
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 ok so i know that i have asked this be for but it has gotten a lot worse. my hair has been dreaded for five months on monday and they are still falling out really bad.i tried to put pictures on but my cameras not working and i really just dont know what to do. when they were first done she twisted my hair really tight then backcombed and i was wondering if thats why its not working out i guess i was just want if it would be better to comb them out and start them over i just dont know what to do......
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Synthetic Dreads

A couple days ago I installed 5 or so synthetic dreads into my 5 month old dreads.  

I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with adding synthetic dreads to their mix?

Alsoooo.... Is there any real risk of having these dreads in my hair?  I won't leave them in for an extended period of time... so does it still pose a problem to my new growth?  How long can I safely leave them in for?
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5 month old babies!

So my dreads will be five months old in a few days. I'm really excited that I'm almost to that half year point. They've been tighting up really well as of late.

Please, Don't mind all the stray hairs, I'm waiting on doing some major maintaining for now; I'm just been palm rolling once or twice a week, along with seperating after washing once/twice a week. I like to let them do their own thing mostly.

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hello again

Alright so for those that remember, I posted here a few months back. The dreads I had then I did end up removing. I'm not sure if it was the length of my hair or the way it layed, but something didnt make me too fond of that set.

So.. after a few months of hair growth and dye jobs, I decided to try it again. Except this time I went for half a head of dreads and half just a palm rolled mess. I'm truly in love this time.

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Dread love

I am at 2 1/2 months and I went through about 3 weeks of not being less than thrilled with my locks. But now they are at a stage that I am loving. They have finally gotten to a point where I feel good about wearing them loose when I go out, YAY dread love.

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hey guys!
great news. i decided to finally go back to my natural color after 7 years.
i was really apprehensive at first, since ive always been partial to darker colors on me.
i think it turned out really great and im loving it for summer.
its definitely bright and cheery.

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i get asked, "what? no more dreads?" "where are your dreads?" "you took your dreads out?" pretty much on a daily basis.
every single time, my heart breaks a little bit.
it makes me a bit self concious about them, but i love them nonetheless.
theyre almost 3 months old, so theyre still young.

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