June 24th, 2008

ok seriously now

all able and willing floridians we are going to all meet up and grab some food from somewhere togeather and just hang out maybe hit up a hooka bar or something. this will prob. be going down next saterday, july 5. let me know who all will be there and where we should all go. 

i've been trying to get this working for to long and been to lazy about it. show time.


Okay, on to my day. So there I was - working @ Target. I was just  coming up to the last 1.5 hour stretch. Suddenly this guy walks up to my line. Face slightly familiar for some reason. Then I notice something hanging behind him. I immediately look him in the face [wide-eyed] and, without using "Target mannerisms", I say "Livejournal?"

"Yeah, I'm on Liv -- OH, HOW ARE YA MAN?!"

cottonmouthdn immediately recognized me, as I [almost immediately] recognized him. I wish they had more time [he was with his girl and they were tending to business AND I had customers] to hang around, but they really were busy. This guy has the voice and aura of a most humbled man, and [of course] his dreads are frickin' GORGEOUS. I saw the pics & everything from earlier posts, but DAAAMN! It's so sick to see them in-person. It was like I was looking a movie star directly in the face.

Cotton -- after you left, I was left ecstatic. My stomach ache went away, I was sweating for a lil bit, and I didn't feel tired anymore. Like, no bull - I felt that frickin' P.O.D. [my fav band] just-so-happened to walk through MY line at a store I never thought they'd visit. Like, seriously.

Aaaah...now that I feel a little unbottled from that excitement......nah, I'm still high.
In case you need a refreshment of how he looks...

this is one of his last GUDU entries [not sure if it's his last one, but it has pix :D]
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